10 Great Magento Extensions

1) Sweet Tooth

This is one of the leading extensions on the Magento Connect marketplace. They offer an amazing SaaS loyalty product that can help increase the value of your customers. They have over 3500 Magento customers who have increased sales by an average of +15%. If you are thinking about running a loyalty program or incentivizing your customers to buy your products more frequently, this is an extension you should absolutely look into.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Rewards Points Magento Extension

2) Fish Pig – WordPress Integration

Magento is an unbelievable eCommerce platform that any business looking to grow online should strongly consider. However, with that being said, its native CMS features and lack of blog can be a problem. Hence, Fish Pig WordPress integration. With Fish Pig you can easily integrate WordPress and use WordPress to power your blog or other content pages you do not want to use Magento for. This is a great tool and a must have for many Magento websites.

Magento WordPress Integration

3) Creare SEO / Rich Snippets

The Creare SEO and Rich Snippets SEO extensions are a great way to help build a technical foundation for your Magento eCommerce website. Creare SEO gives you a checklist of things to do within the Magento admin panel that will help your websites on Page SEO. It also comes with a .htaccess file and Robots.txt template that has SEO optimized tags within it that you can customize for your store. It also allows you to edit the .htacess file and Robots.txt file within the admin panel rather than going to the raw files, saving you time and hassle.

Creare SEO Magento Extension

4) Mass Product Actions

If you spend a lot of time managing products, product attributes, categories and anything else related to products this is a must have extension. Mass Product Actions by Amasty will help you do way more bulk changes through the admin panel rather than making one by one changes to each product such as changing the assignments of products to new categories or removing categories. Since you can view up to 200 products in Magento at a time and sort by attribute sets, sku’s and other elements of your products, you can filter down to the products you want to view and make many different types of bulk changes to your products within the admin panel. This can be a lot faster than using the clunky product upload tool within Magento to make product alterations in bulk.

Mass Product Actions Magento Extension

5) WebShopApps – Shipping Modules

WebShopApps is a Magento platinum partner and offers a large variety of shipping extensions, so this really isn’t one extension I am recommending. I suggest calling or reaching out to WebShopApps if you feel that the native Magento shipping functionality does not suit your business or is not getting the job done. They will guide you in the right direction and help you figure out which of their extensions is right for you and your shipping needs.

Web Shop Apps Magento Shipping Extensions

6) Klevu Search

The default search in Magento will not suggest terms like Google does or offer the amazing complexity that the eCommerce juggernaut Amazon’s search feature has to offer. Klevu search is out to change that. With an open source machine learning smart search algorithm that is designed to improve your stores search by learning how users interact specifically with your store and products, Klevu search could be a game changer for your customer’s user experience.

Klevu Search Magento Extension

7) Mailchimp / eCommerce 360 Integration by Windsor Circle

Mailchimp is a great platform for both new and seasoned email marketing professionals. Windsor Circle offers a comprehensive 360 integration with Mailchimp that will provide the level of segmentation and email marketing automation you need to leverage your eCommerce potential. You do not want to send out the same emails to all of your customers, some may be frequent purchasers; others may have just bought one thing. These different types of customers need different types of messaging, and Winsor Circle can help you automate this messaging segmentation within Magento.

Mailchimp Windsor Circleagento Extension

8) Ebizmarts – Point of Sales for Magento 

Ebizmarts allows you to connect your Magento eCommerce store with your in store point of sale technology. They have an Ipad and Iphone app that allow you to track in store sales and connect those sales to your Magento eCommerce online sales. They also work well with Sage, a leading ERP provider so if you are looking for a connection to ERP, POS, and eCommerce, this could be a good place to start looking.

Ebizmarts POS Magento Extension

9) Cache- Full Page Cache

Full-page cache allows you speed up page load time because it reduces the load on the server by extending the cache functionality within Magento. Page load speed time is critical to a successful eCommerce store; therefore Full Page Cache is worth looking into if you are running into page speed load time problems. This is a common problem for any site that is running on the beast that is the Magento eCommerce platform, because the software is so large it can take a while to load without the proper server configurations and customizations.

Full Page Cache Magento Extension

10) One Page Checkout

The default Magento checkout can be slow and cumbersome for consumers. Checkout and your cart can be a major place of lost revenue, in which a huge percentage of customers may abandon cart or not complete checkout. The easier you make it for your customers to checkout, the less of those sales you will lose. One Page Checkout is worth checking out, and comparing to the many other one page checkout extensions on Magento.

One Page Checkout Magento Extension
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