eCommerce has changed the way consumers shop and how businesses market themselves. There’s a big jump to make from brick and mortar to clicks and conversions, but these next couple of tips will show you exactly how you can increase your eCommerce store’s conversion rate.

Currently, over 40% of Internet users across the globe make online transactions. This amounts to over 1 billion buyers and, by 2020, this number will grow to 2.05 billion. With so many users logging in to check things out, it only makes sense that your business should start to plan its eCommerce web development strategy now! It can be a little intimidating entering the eCommerce game with giants like Amazon and Walmart vying for everyone’s attention with fancy SEO services, but don’t mind them. If you stick to your guns and focus on growing your audience, you’ll find that your conversion rates will soar with the best of them. The question now is, where to start?

Show Off the Quality in Your Products

First, you’ll want to start by making a good impression. When it comes to eCommerce, your pictures are worth your business. Consumers want to know exactly what they’re buying and they want to be able to see themselves wearing it, using it, and having it. This is why high-quality photography is so important.

When you upload those photos, you also want to make sure you’re showing your products in different perspectives and angles. Allow users to zoom and rotate photos so they can see the product’s quality from all sides. Let the products speak for themselves and take pictures using neutral backgrounds so your audience can see them clearly

Having high-quality imagery is also important because users can share these images on social media. 74% of consumers rely on social media platforms to inform their purchasing decisions, and if your products are being showcased through low-res, low-quality photos, you can be sure users will want to spend their dollars elsewhere. Just think like a consumer! When you’re shopping online, you want to make sure what you’re buying is going to be worth it. So let users see that your products will be worth their cost. (Videos are also part of SEO services because they’re search engine friendly, so that’s another plus!)

Showcase People Using Your Products

87% of online marketers use video content and more than half of marketers say video drives the best ROI. Taking videos of your products gives consumers the sense of what it’s like to actually have them. They get to see someone interact with it and they get to see your product in action.

Videos can also be used as another kind of testimonial. Instead of having users review your products with a comment, ask a couple of them to speak on behalf of your brand. Give your audience the opportunity to give honest reviews on what they love about your product. Another great thing about videos is that creating video content can be inexpensive and easy. You can film everything with your smartphone and edit them with free applications online. Videos are also a great way to engage users and drive conversions.

Video Marketing


Retarget Users Who Have Abandoned Their Cart

In 2017, 77.3% of retail shoppers abandoned their cart. This is a conglomeration of fashion, e-gaming, retail, travel, and even utilities shoppers. Across all industries, it happens — people leave.

It might be frustrating to watch consumers come and go, but your team has a great opportunity to retarget those users. Two of the top reasons why users abandon their carts is because they were only browsing or researching your products/services. Well now that they’ve done the research and were able to mull over the idea of purchasing your products, they are now prime for a follow-up.

Creating an email retargeting campaign is an important part of your eCommerce web development strategy because users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert. Send those abandoned carts a quick message detailing which products were in their cart and a CTA that allows them to continue shopping. You can also add a bit of urgency by adding before it’s too late or the sale ends soon somewhere in the title or subject line. Abandonment is an important eCommerce metric to keep track of because one man’s empty cart is your team’s conversion.

Retargeting 101


Offer Free Shipping

While retargeting is a great way to drive conversions, it can also be a hassle, especially when you’ve put in so much effort towards your website, products and videos. So, why are users leaving? The answer may not be what you think. While research and browsing are among the top reasons, according to Statista, the number one reason shoppers leave their cart is because of expensive shipping.

If your team can offset this cost, it will do wonders for your conversions. You don’t have to offer free shipping all the time every day of the week. Try doing a promotion that rewards your brand loyalists with free shipping on their orders from one date to another. You can also offer free shipping to first time buyers as an incentive for them to convert. Another way you can drive conversions is offer free shipping after users spend a certain amount, such as $50 or $100. If you’re a small eCommerce business owner, you may be scared to put such a high dollar amount up just for free shipping, but all the giant corporations know that consumers will spend the big bucks just to have their items hauled across the nation free of charge.


Hopefully, these tips on how to drive your conversions will inform your eCommerce web development plan for 2018. It can be tough to compete for the attention of billions of users but with a solid foundation and concrete eCommerce plan, you can’t be beat. Here are those tips one more time:

  1. Upload quality images of your products so users can properly see what they’re purchasing online
  2. Showcase people using and reviewing your products so consumers can envision themselves with your goods in everyday life
  3. Retarget users who abandoned their cart with a friendly email so they can continue shopping
  4. Reward users who spend money at your website with free shipping

These tips are simple and easy so your team should have no trouble integrating them into your 2018 strategy.

About the Author:

Therese is a content writer for Aumcore, a digital marketing agency based in NYC. She writes on a variety of topics and specializes in custom web development and SEO services.



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