It can be really disheartening when you try to start a blog in 2017. It seems as if all of the big blogs have been around for years, some even over a decade. When there are thousands of blogs on every topic imaginable, how do you even begin to stand out? Even worse, how do you get your blog to stand out in a saturated blogging niche?

The truth is, no matter what business you choose to go into, you’re going to have competition. The difference with blogging is that that competition isn’t limited to where you live – it’s worldwide. That doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and grow a successful blog, even in a saturated blogging niche. To separate yourself from the crowd, consider these 7 ways you can stand out.


Every successful blog has a very unique, very clear, and very focused brand. They know who they are and what they have to offer. Plus, they share that through every detail from the colors, fonts, images, blog theme, and more. Your brand tells people a lot about you, so it must be on-point. It’s the best way to get your blog to really stand out!

Make sure to use that same branding on every social media account, every promotional item, product and service and email newsletter you have.

It is proven that not a lot of people, particularly beginners to blogging, understand the importance of email marketing and the success it can bring. This is why I would highly recommend reading this quick go-to guide on email marketing by Optinmonster; for tips on how to set up an email list to turn visitors into customers.

Original Content

The best way to get someone’s attention with your blog is to create really amazing content! If you want them to keep coming back for more, that content needs to be original, it can’t be something they can find anywhere else.

Ideally, you want people to turn to you to find the answers they’re looking for in your blogging niche. That’s why whenever you write a blog post, it should be epic! It should include a ton of information from the best sources and should answer the most questions.

No more publishing 300-word blog posts that barely scratch the surface. Get right down to the itty-bitty details. Don’t just focus on the word count, though; give them something new and interesting in your niche.


Above all, your blog content should be helpful in some way. Usually, that involves providing tips or advice on a specific topic, but your post could be helpful simply because it’s entertaining. No matter how you plan to be helpful, make sure you have a clear idea about it before you start typing.

It’s not enough to offer advice anymore, though. Your advice should be actionable! You should provide clear instructions that your readers can implement on their own.

When your blog is more than just a few tips but is an actionable step-by-step guide, your readers aren’t just going to stick around to read that one post, they’re going to look around your website for even more! Don’t save the good stuff for later. Offer it all up front! That’s what’s going to help you stand out.

Personal Touch

In any niche, the number one way to turn a reader into a loyal follower is to infuse your blog with your own personality. People tend to follow a blog because they like the blogger behind the blog!

Don’t try to hide who you are! Instead, embrace who you are and share it with your audience! Share your ideas, your opinions, your likes and dislikes, and your sense of humor. When you do, you’ll not only help your blog stand out in even the most saturated blogging niches, you’ll be able to make real connections with your readers.

Specific Target Market

Before you even begin, you should have a clear idea of who your target market is. Not just a vague idea, but a very specific, right-down-to-the-very-last-detail idea.

You should know if they’re male or female, what generation they’re from, what their income is, what they do for a living, what their hobbies include, where they live and more. Take the time to write out a list of everything your specific target market will have.

Once you’ve managed to narrow down who you’re talking to on your blog, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of content you should be sharing. You’ll also have a better idea of how to reach them so that they can find your amazing blog, even if it is in a saturated niche.

Not sure who’s reading your blog? Check out your Google Analytics using MonsterInsights which can provide more information through an easy-to-install WordPress plugin.

Great Images

Back in the day, a blog could have poor quality images, or even no images and still do well. Now, images are more important than ever!

Blogging and social media are much more visual than ever before, especially with sites like Instagram and Pinterest that are 100% visual in nature. Even posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ do better when accompanied by an appealing image.

If you want your blog to stand out, you have to use really great images, both on your blog and when promoting your work on social media. It also helps to include photos of yourself. Including pictures of yourself increases your credibility, makes you seem more real and adds a touch of professionalism.


Deciding on how often to post is a topic bloggers have been discussing for years. In the end, it really depends on what you’re able to do. No matter how often you choose to post, your work should always be good quality. If you find your quality is suffering for the sake of quantity, you should re-think how often you post.

The real important factor, here, is that you remain consistent. Your readers will begin to expect a new post every so often, and if you don’t keep up with it they won’t keep up with your blog.

There are a lot of blog’s out there that start out posting every day, and eventually cut back to the point where they only post once a month, or even less. By posting every day, your readers can trust that you will have new content for them regularly.

Keep It Up

Building a successful blog takes time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, even in today’s oversaturated blogging market. Even though it seems as if everyone has a blog (or two!) doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Just keep at it and you’ll get there!

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