Andy Thayer

Creative Director

Aside from a completely underestimated addiction to Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce, you could say Andy is a real straight shooter. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Arts/Advertising and believes that almost any problem can be solved through good design. He got his start in the museum industry designing touch-based interactive exhibit kiosks, which dawned a true passion for user-experience. Outside of the office, you can catch Andy creating art out of molten rock(glassblowing), or cruising around town on a surfboard with wheels. As former Creative Director for Growth Spark, Andy brings more than a decade of experience to Trellis as a design leader in the agency space. Over the years, his work has received accolades in a number of disciplines across the web. Having worked with clients like Bose, Hasbro, Newbury Comics and Harvard University, his knowledge and expertise spans a broad range of industries. Andy has the unique ability to look beyond the surface of a business problem, leveraging objective reasoning to drive any and all design decisions.