It’s that time of year again! I love buying Christmas gifts but some people I just can’t figure out what to buy for them. I know a lot of my friends don’t know what to get me because I am a graphic designer. Hopefully, with this list of gifts, it’ll give you an idea of what to buy your designer friends! I assure you that these goodies will put a smile on their faces!



Moleskine Smart Notebook

The Moleskine Smart Notebook creates vector SVG files from your sketches. It uses special markings on the page, alongside it’s custom app to optimize the process, and to ensure you get the best results with less effort than would normally be required. It’s a real timesaver!


A Book Apart Gift Card

A Book Apart is a collection of “brief books for people who make websites,” covering anything from Responsive Web Design to Content Strategy across 13 books. Available as physical paperback books or as digital e-books, giving the gift of education has never been so easy, especially with their handy gift cards.



Exploded Alphabet Poster

The Exploded Alphabet Poster is designed by Matt Stevens who says: “The full and definitive set of exploded letters comprised of many of my favorite typefaces.” This poster speaks to any fans of type and it explores a rather interesting view of some lovely typefaces. It’s the perfect way to decorate your home office.


Wacom Intuous Pen

Designing with a mouse can be somewhat limiting at times, but you can open up a bunch of creative possibilities by trying out a graphics tablet. The Wacom Intuous sells for $79 or under, and it’s a fun, easy way to introduce yourself or a friend to the world digital doodles, illustrations and lettering.



Creative Market Gift Card

A Creative Market Gift Card is the easiest way to give the gift of design, buy a gift card from $20 to $100 and let your creative friend pick out the exact design goodies they want from our growing selection of over 110,000+ quality design resources. Gift cards can be sent via email in an instant.



4-Port Aluminum USB Hub

With so many gadgets, spare USB slots become a rare resource amongst designers and the like. This beautiful looking Aluminum USB Hub gives you four extra slots and is styled to fit nicely with most Apple computers, bonus points for that.



Crop It Like It’s Hot

Designers with a sense of humor, and love of rap/hip-hop will appreciate this nod to Snoop and Pharrell Williams. It’s a fun and playful t-shirt that’s 90% cotton and only $24. What are you waiting for? Crop it like it’s hot!



Browser Sketch Pad

Your web designer friends will thank you for buying them this Browser Sketch Pad. The grid is already there, the browser is already there, all that is left is for them to get creative and sketch out those wireframes. It’s $16 for a 50-sheet pad.



Letterpress Cookie Cutters

Ever seen type so good you could eat? Well now you can! These cute little cookie cutters have two sides, one to cut, and one to press. The result, these tasty looking letterpress cookies that look great and could even be used to make fun cookie messages!



Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

This Artist Brush & Stylus by Sensu works on a variety of devices and it makes painting on your touch screen tablet or mobile more authentic. The device promises to give you real-life brush control that you just don’t get elsewhere. Not only that, there’s also a second standard stylus nib for you to use when the brush isn’t needed. You get two devices in one for just $40.



Clearcal Anti-Glare Film

Are you sick of seeing your own reflection in your Mac? Is that big window causing chaos with your design work? This is a common problem with an easy solution. This one is perfect for your freelancing friends who can work anywhere, especially outside! This anti-glare film blurs out and softens the reflections behind you while keeping your screen clear and crisp. At $20 or so it’s an easy one to pop on your Christmas wish list.



Smashing Books

The Smashing Magazine is a very successful and popular online design blog, and they’ve now got a very well received collection of design related books for sale. Touching on everything from mobile design to coding and freelancing there’s probably something here to suit your tastes. Available as either eBooks or hardcover books the choice is yours.



Sketch 3

The guys at Bohemian Coding have been hard at work improving Sketch, and have recently released Sketch 3 into the wild. Sketch seems to be aimed largely at UI designers, but it really offers a range of capabilities. The app is undoubtedly growing in popularity and it offers a solid alternative to any Adobe app when it comes to web/desktop/mobile/icons design.



Tile. Never Lose Anything Again

Tile is a small device you attach to any item you don’t want to lose. It might be some important work, your wallet or phone, anything really. Should the item go missing, you can use the Tile app to hunt it down, it even plays a sound to help you find it. If the missing item is lost or stolen further away, Tile uses it’s network of apps to help locate your item. A smart idea that looks pretty neat.




NomadKey allows you to always have a charging cable on you, without having to carry the full wire with you. This clever alternative fits in your pocket, or on a key ring ensuring you’ll always have a way of charging your smartphone without having to bring your cable with you.




Olloclip is a clip-on lens for your iPhone that give you 4-in-1 lens options in the one bit of kit. Whether it’s close up macro images, a wide-angle or a fish-eye that you’re after, this lens has it all. A variety of lenses are available.



Website Deck of Cards

The Website Deck by UXKits is a way to quickly map out website information architecture with your team or client, away from the computer. 54 cards included for just $19. As used by the Creative Market team!

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