Managing Bundled Products in Magento 2
Managing Bundled Products in Magento 2
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Bundled products give the customer customization choices using a selection scheme on the product page. The customer’s selection of sub-products will be “bundled” together in the cart as one product in the cart.
Dynamic or Fixed Prices & SKUs:
A bundled product can be a collection of simple and virtual products that are essentially the customization options of the bundled product. The virtual and simple products change with the customer’s choice, and thus the SKU’s price and weight can be set to either dynamic or fixed. This can be done using the sliders on the main edit page for the product.
Configuring Bundled Options:
After configuring the initial options, you will have to create your bundle options and add products to them. Customers will be able to select one product and the quantity from each option.
Be sure the set the desired Title to be shown with each option and Input type.
Once you have completed this and all the information that you want to be associated with your bundled product such as images, description, etc, you can save your product and view it! From there you can edit and adjust it as you want just like any other product to hopefully increase sales over time.

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