So, what is WooCommerce’s plan for 2018? Below, you will find the Woocommerce release roadmap that contain plans and features mentioned by the WooCommerce team or other trusted sources.

So, get ready to see how the popular eCommerce platform will change in the nearest future.

Check WooCommerce 3.3 release notes,  if you are looking for the most recent release information.

WooCommerce Q1

  • ‘Attention’ for orders – a multisite-dashboard widget to show orders requiring attention across the network
  • Gutenburg integration – provide a single products shortcode with many options which also integrates with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress.
  • Custom order tables – move data out of postmeta into custom tables to make our platform more scalable and to improve performance for things such as reporting.
  • Custom performance tables – for improved performance

WooCommerce Q2

  • New status dashboard – for an overview of what is happening and what is next
  • Better transactional emails – with improvements to the email templates included in WooCommerce core
    • Make general language more friendly and less robotic
    • Remove plain text email templates and offer better html -> plain conversion (lynx/html2text libs) so to edit templates you only need to edit one set.
    • Content editing options in core. Edit content without changing template files!
  • Better checkout experience/new flows – revise the checkout flow to support multiple steps, a more logical order of data input (shipping address first for example) all to improve conversions!
  • ‘Queues’ and ‘Locking’ – when two customers check out concurrently for the same product (with backorder disabled), both checkouts may complete successfully when this would cause the inventory to become negative. This negative inventory is reflected in the admin console.

WooCommerce Q3

  • Refreshed sales reports – they want to refresh the reporting section for performance reason, and use nicer scripts to plot the data! This may be API powered so the API matches the data.
  • New product variation in UI admin – many users find working with variations confusing and unintuitive. They plan on changing this with a ground-up redesign of variations in admin. The new design will be based on what is built into store on
  • CRUD search helpers for coupons – for developers, allow coupons to be searched using CRUD classes rather than WordPress functions.

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