WooCommerce has taken the eCommerce landscape by storm and is now powering more stores than any other platform online. According to Builtwith, it now has over 1.7 million stores, far more than any other platform.

The first thing you will want to do is get setup with WordPress on a hosting platform like WPengine, or some other hosting platform. From there you will want to install a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce and may either come with WooCommerce as part of the theme, or simply install WooCommerce as a plugin.

You can easily add a new plugin right through the plugins section of WordPress without any development capabilities.


Add Plugin WordPress


Orders: In WooCommerce there are fairly basic order management capabilites so manage, edit, and process orders. You can view, search, sort, and filter orders all from the orders view. You can manually create orders and manually change their order status as you go through the order completion process.

Orders WooCommerce


Coupons: WooCommerce has fairly solid coupon functionality that can allow you to create usage restrictions and limits based on specific paramaters. You can set an expiration date, exclude products, allow for free shipping, and many other options that can make your coupons specific to your business use case.

Coupons WooCommerce


Reports: Reporting in WooCommerce can help you track sales by week, month, year, and by custom dates. You can also view sales by product, category, and coupons to date. You can also look at sales via customers and the stock availability of products.

WooCommerce Reports



The settings allow you to customize your store based on location, product unit types, shipping provider, payment gateway, transactional emails, and connect to third parties via API. The settings are an incredibly important place to setup the basics of your store so that you can accept payments, configure shipping settings, and other important store settings.

WooCommerce Settings


System Status:

Here you can find important statuses about the health of your WooCommerce store, leverage tools to clear sessions, and view logs. This is a helpful place to see what is working, clear and optimize the database, and perform other optimization tasks.

WooCommerce System Status



WooCommerce extensions are an awesome feature, and allow you extend the core functionality of WooCommerce with integrated plugins that work directly with WooCommerce core functionality. You can easily extend WooCommerce to accept payments via Stripe, Amazon, offer recurring transactions, ship with UPS, and much much more.

WooCommerce Extensions



In the products section you can do as you would expect, sort, filter, and go to specific products to edit them. The nice thing about WooCommerce is it offers the amazing functionality of WordPress to allow for quick bulk updates, quick edit, and other great management tools.

WooCommerce Products


Add Product:

Here you can add a product and setup the product for price and the other attributes you want to fill out. You can preview the product, save it as a draft, or publish it, just as you would a WordPress page or post.

WooCommerce Add Products



Categories are essential for creating the menu and taxonomy of your product data. You may only need a few categories, or a much larger category structure for bigger sites. You can easily create categories with a parent structure and assign products to them.

WooCommerce Categories



Tags are a great way to manage other elements of product data such as “new” products and other things like that.



Attributes are essential to building a strong product catalog. By default WooCommerce products wont have things like size, color, and other data that your products may have. You need to create all the attributes that are necessary to inform your customers about your products.

WooCommerce Attributes



In the default area of WordPress, WooCommerce adds two new user permission levels, customers, and store managers. Here you can see who your customers are as well as add store managers to manage your WooCommerce store.

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