Google is constantly updating its algorithm but every so often it makes major or significant changes that are often considered core updates that have been given names like Panda or Hummingbird. The interesting thing about this update is that Google actually announced it before it happened! This has never happened before and is usually figured out or confirmed after the fact.

Moz has the best list of Algorithm updates that can help you understand changes Google has made. As you can see from the updates Google became really aggressive in 2010 and 2011 at wiping out spammy tactics like fake content, content farms, link farms, bad links, and other spammy tactics that were working fairly well pre 2010. Since then major updates have made it harder and harder for anyone to get away with black hat or even grey hat SEO tactics.

At Trellis we think this is a great thing and we love the updates Google is making to improve the web so that companies can just focus on good old fashioned marketing. We believe the best SEO is to build good content, a great website, and invest in solid social media general marketing tactics that will spread your content around the web.

Although Google is not giving away much information about what the update did its pretty clear Google is making strides towards benefiting mobile friendly sites, well documented sites that make use of proper technical procedure like Google Structured Data, sitemaps, meta tags, etc, and also have good site speed and usability. We find that the more we improve our site the better we rank overall and so do our clients.

Gone are the days of quick fixes, the only way to rank well with Google is to build a great brand that has a great website that other sites want to link back to. Google Search Console is one of the best ways to check to see how you’re doing. If you need help making use of their new and improved tools please reach out to the team at Trellis!

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