Many business owners invest highly in SEO to bring more traffic to their e-commerce store, but if you do not convert that traffic into sales your efforts will be wasted. Here are a few tips you can use to boost your conversion rate by as much as 50% or more.

1. Use Call to Actions

When someone arrives on your website landing page, what do you want them to do? Check out a particular product? Create an account? Rather than relying on visitors to navigate their own way to the products that would be suitable for them, insert a prominent call to action on your landing page that people can click to view and purchase key products.

2. Reduce Bounce Rates

Getting someone to click on your site in the search engine results pages is only half the battle. You also need to ensure they don’t click the back button after a cursory glance at your site. Increasing your site’s loading speed on desktop and mobile is one way to reduce bounce rates: almost a third of people bounce from a page that takes seven seconds to load, compared to less than 10 percent for a page that loads in two seconds.

3. Track Conversions

If you do not track conversions, how can you ever hope to work out which strategies are working and which are not? Analytics tools such as Google Analytics make it easy for website owners today to track customer behavior on their sites. Take a look at how people move through your site. This should give you insight into how you can improve the flow of traffic from landing page to checkout.

4. Keep the Design Simple

E-commerce stores that convert highly have clean, simple designs. Avoid the temptation to clutter your site with too many menus, options, banners, animations, colors, and fonts. Opt for a minimalist design that hides menus until a visitor mouses over the icon and uses only one or two brand colors. Include only the most relevant information on product pages, adding a discrete option to expand a section of the page for full product details if the customer is interested.

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