Magento no longer has “Hosting Partners’ and just has a few select partners in the Magento technology partners section that are hosting companies. Therefore it is a bit harder for the non-Magento expert to determine the right hosting company. Here are several hosting companies and options that all have expertise in Magento and range in cost from small to large enterprise business.


Nexcess is certainly a leader in Magento hosting and is probably the most well recognized Magento focused hosting company. Nexcess was founded all the way back in 2000 before Magento, but has clearly changed their business model to focus on the major platforms we see today like Magento and WordPress. They have flexible shared plans that start at a low cost, so there is not a huge barrier to entry to work with Nexcess. For dedicated servers, they are a little more pricey but offer very good support and service. Nexcess is certainly a leader in Magento support and site speed optimization so if you are looking for a top-notch Magento hosting support company, Nexcess certainly falls into that category.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: 19.95 a month

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $539.95

Simple Helix:

Simple Helix was founded right before Magento launched in 2007 and has been involved in Magento since the beginning. Similar to Nexcess, Simple Helix, focuses mostly on Magento as well as other platforms like Prestashop and WordPress. They have a similar price offering for the low tier shared packages but are a little more cost effective for larger shared packages and dedicated servers. Simple Helix definitely knows Magento well but does not have quite the size of a team that Nexcess has so they are a certainly a more boutique offering.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: 19.95 a month

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $194.95 a month


Rackspace is an enterprise hosting company that focuses on larger tier customers to provide high-quality support. They are the top hosting company for the Internet Retailer top 1000 sites. They have over 4,000 Magento clients and host some very large Enterprise Magento customers. Rackspace is certainly a good option if you are looking for more of an enterprise service for large volume sites that do millions in sales. They do not have a shared hosting option, so they probably are not a good fit for smaller sites.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $449 a month

Cogeco Peer 1:

Cogeco Peer 1 is another enterprise Magento hosting option that hosts larger Magento sites. They have well over 500 employees and have been hosting since 1999 making them almost 20 years old. They focus on larger needs and even provide managed database and hybrid IT services. They do not offer any low pricing online and require a request a quote to get pricing. I would assume that based on their non-transparent pricing they are on the higher side and are a better fit for larger sites similar to Rackspace.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: Request a quote


Magemojo is one of the few companies that only focus on Magento hosting. They have cost-effective plans for both shared and dedicated servers and offer excellent Magento expert support. They understand Magento site speed optimization very well and can work with you to optimize your Magento website. I would certainly consider them a great cost-effective option and smaller boutique hosting company similar to a Simple Helix.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: $58.00 a month

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $298.00 a month


Zerolag has been a Magento hosting partner for a long time and is also one of the enterprise options in the market. Similar to Rackspace and Peer 1, Zerolag requires a quote to get a price on their dedicated servers. Zerolag focuses on Magento and has Magento expert staff available, so they are certainly capable of handling both smaller and much larger enterprise sites. Magento no longer has hosting partners, but when they did, Zerolag was a platinum partner making them the highest tiered Magento hosting partner at the time.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: Request a Quote


Hostway has been around for almost 20 years and hosts both small and enterprise size companies. They are a good hosting option because they have smaller packages for smaller sites but can also scale to larger needs as you grow. They have focused on Magento for a long time now and were an original Magento hosting partner when Magento still had that partnership tier. Hostway has Magento certified support staff so they can provide high-quality Magento specific support which makes them a great hosting option.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $99.99 a month

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud hosting, although competitors like Microsoft and Google are trying hard to catch up. AWS offers incredibly scalable pricing, in which you pay per hour. You can easily scale up and down on the servers you want so that you can handle traffic spikes. Amazon Web Services is arguably the cheapest per server cost available but also requires expertise to leverage so you will have to pay for some level of management expertise unless you can do it yourself.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: Depends on what you choose, but pricing can be as low as just a few dollars a month

Magento Cloud Edition:

Magento is now offering Magento Cloud edition which is a Magento Enterprise hosted version. This is all hosted on Amazon Web Services but managed and run by Magento itself. This is a great option for merchants who want Magento Enterprise and hosting lumped together. The cost savings together are definitely worth it when you consider how much you could spend with enterprise hosting and the license independently.

Shared Hosting Starting Cost: Not Available

Dedicated Server Starting Cost: $2,000 a month

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