Magento Is Now Magento and Only Magento!
Magento Is Now Magento and Only Magento!
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Magento has officially launched as an independent company, Magento Commerce, with the help of Permira Funds, and is no longer an after thought of the Ebay / Ebay Enterprise behemoth. This is amazing news for everyone in the Magento community because Magento can finally be, well, just Magento.
Ebay Enterprise had competing products like Ebay Enterprise GSI commerce and services that competed with Magento partners! This was not great for Magento partners like Trellis and the overall Magento community. There is no doubt that Magento being able to focus on just Magento will make the eCommerce leader a much better company.
We had long speculated about the future of Magento before and after the Ebay Enterprise split was announced and what would happen if they got bought by another company or simply became an independent company as they are now. The most favorable situation for most in the community was of course, Magento being simply Magento rather than a subsidiary, or even a worse case scenario, a competitor buying it and simply letting it die off.
It always felt that Magento simply did not have the direction and attention it deserved as the leading eCommerce platform underneath Ebay, and now Magento can finally thrive by focusing and building on its massive globally recognized brand in the eCommerce world. It is exciting to see that Magento now has a new CEO that is focused on just building the Magento brand and company.
As the new CEO, Mark Lavelle, states: [easy-tweet tweet=”We now have a strong, independent voice. We will unleash the full power of the Magento brand.” hashtags=”magento”]

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