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Trellis’ partner ecosystem is very powerful and important when it comes to ensuring our customer’s are receiving best in class eCommerce servicing across all dimensions of their digital infrastructure. Here are some of the latest updates form our partner stack!


  • Shopify Audiences – Find high-intent buyers, help your paid ads perform better, and decrease conversion costs. Use a shared audience network to generate potential customers with just a few clicks and help convert more sales.
  • Shop Cash– Shopify will give buyers millions of dollars in Shop Cash rewards for their Shop Pay purchases. With Shop Cash Boosts, you can create offers to gain new customers who are already using the Shop app.
  • Twitter Shopping – Highlight your products directly on your Twitter profile!
  • Linkpop – Linkpop is a free link in bio tool designed for commerce, powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout.
  • B2B (finally!)
    • Set wholesale pricing and net terms
    • Customize with themes and discounts
    • Sell from one storefront or use a dedicated store
    • Shopify Plus exclusive
  • Shopify Markets – Shopify Markets simplifies international selling by helping you reach new geographic regions and optimizing your business to drive global sales.
  • Discount Combinations – Finally—now you can combine discounts on the same order making it easy to launch promotions that win new customers, get repeat business, and increase conversions.
  • Pre-orders and More – Try Before You Buy, Subscriptions, Pre-Orders.


  • Subscriptions just launched! An intuitive subscription management solution that makes it easy for eCommerce brands to grow recurring revenue by adding a subscription offering.

Recharge – product subscriptions

  • Announced they’re adding a product Bundle Builder for subscriptions and one-time products. Slate Milk got an invite to their Beta program to help them convert back to Recharge

Rebuy – upsell/crossell/smart mini cart

  • Free shipping & gift-with-purchase threshold bar in the cart
  • In cart up-sells (upgrade to subscription)
  • In checkout cross-sells (one-time add-on)
  • Post-purchase 1-click cross-sells (automatically appended to the existing order)
  • Re-order Landing Pages with previous order pre-loaded
  • Re-activation Landing Pages for canceled Recharge subscriptions
  • We’re also reevaluating our Growth Spark recommended apps to include this as the Crossell one!

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