Trellis has been through a lot over the last 12 months. 2019 was a year of triumphant growth as Trellis transformed into a true full-service digital agency. The calendar year may have concluded, but we will continue our momentum into 2020 as we forge new frontiers in the eCommerce world. Thanks to the hard work of Trellis leadership and staff, 2019 was a year for the record books. Here are some of our top accomplishments of the year:

Moved Into Brand New 6000 Square foot Headquarters in Malden MA

Trellis’ roots humbly began in Medford, Massachusetts. The office was located on Main Street nestled in between dozens of other local businesses. The office was cozy and efficient but after staggering growth YOY, it was time for an upgrade. The Trellis office needed to catch up with the Trellis brand. And in 2019, Trellis’ brand spanking new office was completed down the street in Malden, MA. Our custom penthouse features floor to ceiling glass windows, private offices for all managers, a private gym, parking garages, and upgraded kitchen while featuring an amazing skyline view of downtown Boston.

The new office is just a town over from the old one but is now just as impressive as our team and as our portfolio. Come visit the new space and see for yourself why we are so excited!

trellis office logo
trellis office kitchen

First Year after Merger with Growth Spark in November 2018!

The merger between Trellis and Growth Spark took place on November 1st, 2018 meaning it has been a full calendar year to get acclimated. GrowthSpark was a Shopify powerhouse led By Ross Beyeler. Ross joined Trellis as Chief Operations Officer and brought his trusted GrowthSpark employees along with him. This acquisition created minor problems at first, but now both teams have integrated into one seamless operation. Trellis has become the unified family envisioned when the merger took place. Trellis now operates in many verticals of the eCommerce industry. Onboarding the Shopify experts of GrowthSpark was no easy feat but now we are positioned as a top agency on all major platforms. Our operations are only going to improve as time goes on thanks to the great work of Ross.

growthspark trellis merger

Strengthen Trellis Into 7 Teams Specific to Platform Expertise and Marketing

With so many additions to the Trellis family, some r-organization was needed to control efficiency and maximize results. Trellis 85 employees have been divided into 7 teams based on their respective skills and project needs. The teams allow for higher levels of focus on specific areas of eCommerce creating niches of experts within the Trellis community. The teams work within themselves but report to management when needing assistance. The teams serve as a network of information that is readily available through a quick message on Slack. The team structure eases communication flow and mandates a systemic approach to project management. Team members can rely on each other for help but must also work independently to get the job done on time and under budget.

Formalized Licensing Deal With Salsify To Integrate With Magento

Trellis had built a third party integration for Salsify to Magento but was struggling with making it user friendly for the customer. In 2019 we worked hand in hand with Salsify to develop a 2.0 version that is licensed by Salsify. It is now much more user friendly to use for the end customer because it is more fully integrated into the Salsify platform.

Launched Beta Infor Magento 2 Integration Product

In 2019 Trellis launched our Infor Magento 2 integration with Expertek, a leading Infor solution partner. It is a very robust integration that even displays real time pricing from Infor on the Magento frontend. We started implementation on several clients and are expected to go live with several clients in early 2020. The product should be out of beta in early 2020!

Launched Beta Infor Magento 2 Integration Product

Most Hires In A Year – 27 New Hires

As we push out projects left and right, the demand for Trellis work has skyrocketed over the years. It has been difficult to keep up with all of the demand and scaling with quality talent. With that said, our recruiting and hiring teams are phenomenal at what they do and found 27 qualified employees to join trellis over the past 12 months. We are now at 85 employees showing a growth rate of almost 50%. This quick expansion has opened up more opportunities to build more projects and create even more revenue. We are excited that the Trellis family is multiplying daily and we cannot wait to hit triple digits soon enough!

Made Inc 5000 list for First Time at #840

Trellis has received many awards over the years, but being named to the Inc. 5000 for top growing brands in the US may take the cake. Inc. magazine’s annual Inc. 5000 list is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Trellis cracked the top 1000 for nationwide businesses and placed #13 for Boston-based brands. The ranking validates Trellis’ growth over the years and the recognition is flattering. Trellis’s goal is to make the list again next year in the top 500 nationally and top 5 in Boston.

Built First Satellite Office In Stamford Connecticut

Trellis’ home will always be in Boston. That is where it all began and where the main headquarters is located. However, the Trellis brand is spreading and spreading fast. We have spread to another part of New England opening another office location in Stamford, Connecticut. The office is headed by Trellis Chief Revenue Officer, Jared Shaner, who is proudly building and training a team of his own in CT. The Connecticut satellite office is the first of many successful Trellis conquests.

Built First Satellite Office In Stanford Connecticut trellis

First International Company Party

Here at trellis, we understand the importance of having employees that you can rely upon and trust. Our team is heavily dependent on remote employees, freelancers, and contractors. The Trellis team is dispersed all across the states and the globe. This past December we celebrated our annual Christmas Party in Boston. This year was special since we were able to fly in the whole company for the get-together. Employees flew in from Argentina, Serbia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and all corners of the US for the party. It was an amazing experience gathering all team members in a single location. It allowed for deeper levels of bonding and relationship building. It also served as a reminder to keep up the hard work so the team can get bigger and replicate the celebration annually.

trellis holiday party 2019
trellis holiday party 2019 ecommerce

Started Trellis Argentina Office Process

We don’t want to give away too many details prematurely, but be on the lookout for Trellis to open its first international office in Argentina very soon. This will be the first global venture for Trellis as we look to spread the brand into South America. Trellis already serves the top eCommerce services to Boston, New England, and the United States. The next step is to open up our expertise to the rest of the world. Plenty of great things are in the Trellis pipeline, stick with us on our journey to becoming the world’s premier digital agency.

trellis argentina office
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