Four 51 Order Cloud is a leading B2B eCommerce platform powering major sites like Papa Johns and Verizon’s B2B operations.  With over 9000 customers worldwide, Four 51 is paving the way for B2B eCommerce innovation. Recently they have developed a much more scalable and extensive model in which their, new, open API allows agencies, technology partners, and businesses to leverage the platform for many different purposes.

Trellis has partnered with Four 51 Order Cloud because we feel there is a great opportunity to leverage their platform and API to build some amazing new websites and technologies, like never seen before. The other great thing about the platform is its relatively low cost for how powerful and extensible it can be. Trellis feels confident we will be able to leverage the platform to build some state of the art front end experiences that will tie in the platform via the API.

Order Cloud now has a very in depth developer resources websites that covers their API and documents the platform closely. If you are in the eCommerce space, especially on the B2B side, you have to look into Order Cloud. Their cloud offering is not only impressive in its speed,  but its extensibility and flexibility is arguably unmatched. This is especially true of a cloud based eCommerce platform.

Trellis and Four 51 Order Cloud are hosting a Meetup this coming week at Mead Hall in Cambridge. The event will have the CTO of Four 51 Order Cloud, Steve Davis, speaking about the API eConomy. Please RVSP to the Tuesday Meetup at 6:30pm to see us all there!

Boston eCommerce Meetup

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