Virtual Products

Virtual products are simple products that have no physical substance.

They’re often used to sell product keys, eBooks, media like video and music, warranties and other agreements. They can also be used to sell services such as cleaning, or other non physical goods in which someone may come in person to provide a service.

If you want to sell one of the mentioned examples or a similar non-physical product as a component of a product it’s useful to package a virtual product in a bundle or configurable product.

Visit bundled and configurable product Magento 2 guides for more information:

Managing Bundled Products and Managing Configurable Products

To create a virtual product follow the same steps as creating a simple product: In the admin, select Products=>Catalog in the side nav, click the drop-down arrow on the top right.


Configuring a Virtual Product is nearly the same as a simple product, with the exception that you will not be able to select weight because there is no physical product.

With more information on configuring a simple product visit our Magento 2 Simple Product Guide:

Managing Simple Products in Magento 2.

Downloadable Products

To create a downloadable product, when configuring a product set the product weight to none by selecting “this product has no weight”


Or by Adding a new product while viewing the catalog, and from the drop-down selecting “Virtual” or “Downloadable” product.

This will set the weight to null when selecting virtual or downloadable and check the “Downloadable Product” box later in the configuration page when selecting “Downloadable.”

Here you link your downloadable content you wish to sell to your customer.


After selecting “Is this downloadable Product?” the options to link downloads will appear.

Enabling the Links to be purchased separately will allow you to set prices to individual links.

  • The media the customer will be able to download can be uploaded to the site or linked via URL in the “File column”
  • Disallowing “Sharing” will require customers to log in to view downloadable media
  • Setting “Downloads” will limit the number of times the link can be downloaded per purchase
  • Adding Samples will allow a preview of the downloadable product
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