Web Design Trends to Capitalize on in 2017
Web Design Trends to Capitalize on in 2017
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The web design industry is constantly evolving. This is what keeps the market relevant and exciting. In this evolution, trends are born, slowly rise and eventually die out – it’s inevitable. As a designer, it is important to keep up with the hottest web design techniques and technologies in order to make sure your work stays ahead of the curve.
Here are five emerging trends that will shape the way you design in 2017:

Card Design

Card layouts have been in the industry for quite some time now, and this year their use will grow exponentially. Card layouts give off a simplistic but clean look and keep all your content organized. What’s also appealing about this trend is its automated flexibility and responsiveness, which makes it simple to scale down to smaller browser widths.
Examples of Card Design: 
How Arkitekter:


In 2017, funky color schemes will make a popular breakthrough and put the design grain to rest. Color schemes are the most powerful part of your website. Color is not only used for aesthetic pleasure, but it can also be used to drive conversion, attract attention to certain areas of your site and express specific importance.
Examples of Color:
Helbak Ceramics:
True Digital:


In 2016, we found that animation was creating a huge impact on web design. As we get further into the new year, animation will become even more influential on design as animations become easier for you to create. Developing an animation that correlates with the subject’s brand identity can have a huge impact on ensuring that the tone of the content will target the right audience and keep said audience engaged.
Examples of Animation:
Obrigado Coconut Water:
Auto Repair Materials:

Authentic Photography

This year, the decline of stock photography will continue. Because it is so commonplace, stock photography on a website may bring down the overall appeal or legitimacy of a brand. Original, targeted images that capture the brand will not only attract and engage customers but it will also increase your conversions.
Examples of Authentic Photography:
EVOC Sports:

Parallax Scrolling

In the past, scrolling through a website just meant moving from the top, to the bottom, back to the top of the page. This old-school technique has made it hard for us designers to keep important information above the fold. For websites rich in important content and products, parallax scrolling is key. Businesses can now create stories for their products through unique movements that will keep users engaged in the content.
Examples of Parallax Scrolling:
Space Needle:
These five trends only represent a few of the many popular techniques and tools that will become extremely prominent in 2017. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the popular trend is not always the best choice. Make sure you only implement what is functional for your users and always choose the right ones for the job.

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