iPaaS or “Integration Platform As A Service” is a new breed of technology that more and more companies are using. It’s a great technology in that it can allow you to more easily leverage APIs and integrate with many third-party technologies. Trying to custom integrate with many different systems can get expensive. iPaaS can make this much less painful and more manageable.

Why Is It Useful?

Why get an iPaaS? Why is it useful? Here are a few reasons:

When You Have Many Different Systems Needing Integrations

Once you have many different systems that need to talk to each other it gets very expensive to manage the integrations. iPaaS can make this much easier by giving you a base level service to manage the API’s so that you don’t have to build something from scratch for each integration. Much of the integration can be managed in the iPaaS versus some custom code layer that can get expensive to maintain.

Zapier Is Not Enough

Many companies will rely on basic integrations via platforms like Zapier. Eventually, this becomes too simplistic and not powerful to scale. iPaaS is a much more enterprise way of integration tools together so that you can scale your integrations beyond the basics of Zapier. Zapier will usually not give you the full power of API or a third-party system.

Easier To Switch To New Systems

Inevitably you will outgrow certain systems and have to switch to new ones. This can be very expensive and require new integrations. An iPaaS can make this way less painful and you can easily plug a new system into the iPaaS to replace the old system data points within the integration stack.

Easier to Integrate Legacy Systems

Legacy systems can be a nightmare to integrate with. iPaaS can help you integrate with many different types of technologies from modern technologies that have great API’s or use GraphQL to old systems that can only use CSV files or XML etc. iPaaS can help you integrate with many different types of systems.

Automate Basic Processes

How many processes could be automated with an iPaaS? If you can reduce the costs of new integrations you can create more integrations and reduce basic manual data entry work. This kind of work is not competitive to pay human labor and will ultimately be a hurdle on your ability to compete.

Ultimately an iPaaS solution is great for companies that are growing in the complexity of data and the number of systems. The more systems you have the more likely it is that you should be looking into an iPaaS solution.

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