Medford, Ma

Front End Developer





Javascript / jQuery



Trellis is looking for hard working, motivated and deadline driven individual to join our growing team. Multiple years of expertise in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) through CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP proficiency while maintaining W3C coding practices a must. Qualified candidates should also have an understanding of the entire web development process, including design, development and deployment, with some familiarity with backend functionality.

Understanding of the concepts of progressive enhancement, mobile first and future friendly design highly encouraged. Experience with Sass, LESS framework, Zurb’s Foundation, WordPress and Magento a plus.

The Frontend Developer position is a mid-level position that allows you to gain valuable experience with the potential of working on exciting projects based on modern MVC frameworks such as Magento, the most popular CMS WordPress, e-commerce websites, and more. Duties involve Understanding of layout aesthetics.

Qualified candidates need be able to demonstrate comfort and skill in PHP, HTML and CSS coding through past work. Ideal candidates have co-op or internship experience, a portfolio, and professional development experience preferred but not required.

We are a fast growing WordPress and Magento full service agency that is also building a combination of products to compliment our agency services. Trellis is a young company that has extremely high expectations of all employees and future growth as a company. As a technology startup in the Boston area we are looking for a candidate that wants to become a long-term part of an up and coming company with high valuation potential.

Because front-end web developers are responsible for interpreting and executing designs correctly, they must be able to effectively communicate with the creative team and clients. Other vital soft skills in the front-end web developer job description include the ability to solve problems and adapt quickly to new web design and application trends.

Minimum requirements:

• Demonstrated web development skills (e.g., through a portfolio of work, storyboards, technical diagrams, etc.)
• Proficiency in the following languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• Experience with Git and basic command line functions
• Familiarity with SCSS or other CSS pre-processors
• Understanding of web site hosting and server technology
• Familiarity with process flow charting, wire frames, mockups, site maps
• Love of learning, and ability to work with minimal supervision or training
• Team player willing to pitch in for the greater good
• Permission to work in the US
• Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
• Expertise in performance optimization best practices and tools
• Ample experience navigating Photoshop and saving images for the web.
• Custom Theme creation in WordPress and/or Magento
• Basic understanding of PHP
• Uses of custom written JavaScript
• Understanding of OOP
• A firm grasp of SEO / SEM best practices
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Ideal candidates may also possess strong skills in:

• Ajax
• Magento
• WordPress
• Data Mapping
• Web server / networking / IT experience

Duties and Expectations

A front-end web developer is generally expected to:

• Develop functional and appealing web applications based on usability
• Provide website maintenance and enhancements
• Use a combination of markup languages to write web pages on the WordPress CMS and Magento platform
• Write functional requirement documents and specifications
• Assist back-end developers in coding and troubleshooting
• Create cascading style sheets (CSS) that are consistent across all browsers, platforms and devices
• Maintain graphic standards and branding throughout the product’s interface
• Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies
• Promote usability best practices
• Follow best practice methods for all coding languages, performance optimization and search engine optimization