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About Abode

Abode is an all in one smart home security system that includes hardware, software, and even monitoring if you want to pay for the additional service. They are a true affordable all in one security system that is revolutionizing the security industry!

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The Problem

Abode needed to revamp their core product kit builder but they only had 8 weeks to get it done. Ultimately they wanted to completely revamp the site but needed to do it in a phased approach in which phase one covered the kit builder and phase 2 could cover the full revamp. They needed someone that can handle both phases and build something scalable.

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The Solution

Trellis was able to completely revamp the kit builder on Shopify Plus and work with Abode to build an infrastructure for the future. Abode now has an Apple like experience in which you can build your customized kit and package for your security needs. Trellis will continue to work with Abode to revamp their site to be scalable for the future!

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