Magento 2 Commerce Edition Implementation

About Inmusic

InMusic is an elite family of hardware and software companies that make up the parent company InMusic. While maintaining unique brand identities, each of inMusic╩╝s companies is dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology.

Ion Audio

The Problem

InMusic has many brands, each with their own website. Their collection of websites were getting outdated and not relevant to the way that people expect to buy online in today's world. They needed a solution that can solve their multi brand challenges that was not too cumbersome to manage. Each brand is unique, and therefore, they needed a solution that is flexible to meet each brands needs.

About Inmusic

The Solution

Magento Commerce is the perfect solution to meet the unique challenges of each brand within one technology. Magento 2 has multistore capabilities and can scale to each brands needs without the need for different instances. Trellis worked with the agency, Linchpin, in Rhode Island to build out the first of the new InMusic Magento stores, Ion Audio, which will start as the foundation for all the other brands to come. Together we revamped the entire design and frontend of the site as well as created multiple custom integrations with enterprise solutions such as SAP and iLok to handle their operational needs.

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