Magento 2 Commerce Implementation

B2B Functionality & Salesforce Integration

About Relyco

Relyco is a leading distributor in the paper, printing, and AP industry. They have been around for over 30 years and continue to improve every year to serve as a leader in the space. They are environmentally sustainable focused and a great provider of efficient solutions for various markets.

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The Problem

Relyco had an outdated Magento 1 solution that was not very well integrated with their Salesforce key system. They need a more robust B2B platform to grow the business. The current site was too B2C focused and not ideal for their B2B customers. Relyco was nearing end of life for Magento 1 and needed a solution that could scale with their business. The current situation was not ideal and not getting them to where they wanted to go.

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The solution

Relyco launched a Magento 2 store with Trellis and moved to the new Commerce edition that allows them to better serve their B2B customers! The new site has an improved design, uses the B2B module, enhanced shipping, and and integration to their Salesforce instance. It is a far more robust platform for Relyco to grow upon and build their B2B business.

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