Siren Marine

Shopify Plus Implementation

About Siren Marine

Siren Marine is a marine-technology company that produces "smart" devices for your boat! They say it best: "think Nest + OnStar for boats." Their flagship product, the Siren Marine MTC Device, allows you to monitor your boat wherever you have internet. You can monitor bilge level, high water, temperature, and engine condition. You'll also get GPS tracking and remote access to certain features of your boat!

The Problem

Siren Marine were seeking more functionality and control over their online store, so they chose to migrate to Shopify. Originally we were set to handle the migration only, but during that same period Siren Marine were working on a major revision to their MTC device and so it was best to wait to make any changes to their web experience.

The Solution

Fast forward a year later and Siren Marine worked with us on a full redesign alongside their Shopify migration! Some of the narrative-driven sites in our portfolio had caught their eye, as it was important for Siren Marine to tell visitors the story behind their MTC devices. With that as our primary focus, we were able to deliver an e-commerce experience that we're extremely proud of!

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