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The Top eCommerce Platforms By Usage

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Choosing the Right Platform to Grow Your Business

Today, choosing the appropriate eCommerce platform for your business is much harder than ever before because of the increasing number of options you have to choose from.

A good eCommerce platform will allow your company to make electronic exchanges on
multiple devices, at anytime of the day with no hassle. You as a business owner or even an
employee who’s processing these transactions should have nothing short of the best when
it comes to an online eCommerce platform now that there are so many quality options on
the market. The eCommerce platform space has begun to mature and some of these platforms are
now much more than a decade old. How are you supposed to know which eCommerce
platform is right for you? I think the first place to look is the trajectory and the data behind
what businesses are currently using these eCommerce platforms.

  • Integrating your systems to work together flawlessly is key to optimizing your digital infrastructure and avoiding costly manual data entry.

  • Building a responsive eCommerce website on a modern platform like Magento, Hybris, Bigcommerce, Netsuite, or another quality platform is key to growth.

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