Our Process

We engage with our clients in a flexible manner in order to build a lasting partnership that can thrive

Learn & Evaluate

Many agencies and freelancers will jump into a project without truly learning the business they are working with. Our first objective is to learn more about your business and specific situation to better understand how we can fit in as a valuable partner.


This is typically part of our sales process and we often don’t contractually engage with customers before we have a better understanding of their business and challenges.


The learning process really never stops and we continue to learn more about your business as we partner with you on an on going basis.

Strategy & Analysis

Once we understand your business its time to create a strategy. Sometimes you may have a strategy you want to execute, and really need help fine-tuning an execution strategy.


Other times you may need a complete roadmap to improve traffic, conversions, brand value, and more from your digital properties.


Regardless of what you need, we can come up with a strategy that can be executed within the constraints of your business and resources.

Refine & Enhance

Once we have delivered a new website or project that gives you a better infrastructure for success, its time to start refining your digital strategy.


We can work with you on a continual basis to refine your initiatives based on the data and results of past success or short comings.


No website or digital project is ever finished and always requires refinement in order to stay competitive and valuable to your business. Thus, we work with our clients on an on going to refine everything they are doing on the digital side of their business.

  • Hourly

    We can work on a flexible hourly basis with you so that you only pay for the hours that you need, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Flex Retainers

    If you have a consistent on going need for support and enhancements, we can work on a retained basis as a team at your disposal.

  • Project Based Work

    Sometimes you need a project executed on a strict timeline and budget. We can work with you on a project basis to deliver what you need.