We can integrate your website with all major carriers simplifying your eCommerce logistical workflow


Shipping is a necessary part of almost every eCommerce website with the exception of downloadable or other types of virtual / service based products. There are many different shipping carriers to choose from, as well as complex Multi-Warehouse optimization problems to solve. We can help you optimize your shipping and fulfillment setup with the appropriate technologies in place.

  • Carrier Integration

    We can help you integrate the necessary carriers like UPS and DHL into your eCommerce store.

  • Rate Optimization

    We can help you optimize your shipping rates to pay the least amount per order fulfilled.

  • Mulit-Warehouse

    Routing orders to the most appropriate warehouse is a complex problem we can help you solve.

  • Tracking

    Sending the appropriate tracking information to an order is crucial for customer success and happiness.

  • Address Validation

    Address Validation is a feature that can help you prevent fraud, improve shipping success, and customer satisfaction.

  • Order Management

    Managing orders for fulfillment can be a headache we can help you alleviate.


Hublogix provides a cutting edge multi-warehouse fulfillment software and Trellis was lucky enough to help make it even better.

Need Help with eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment?