Magento 2 Salsify Connector

Our Connector will seamlessly integrate your Salsify data with Magento 2 so that you no longer have to worry about manual product feeds or other manual work. Once installed and configured, you can easily update all product data in Magento via our connector with the click of a button. We have perfected this module over years of working with Magento and Salsify as partners of both solutions.


Extension Cost: $10,000

Implementation Service Starting At: $10,000

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General Features

  • Products Sync

    Uses the Salsify construct of a channel as it’s ‘source of truth’; for example, this means that you can do something such as: Build a Magento Integration channel that only contains products with attribute “_ready_for_magento” set to true.

  • Attributes & Attribute Set Sync

    Regular attributes are mapped automatically on a direct name match, or arbitrarily via a configuration setting. Attribute sets are also mapped automatically on a direct name match, or arbitrarily via a configuration setting.

  • Product Relations

    This product supports the ability to map related products, up sells, and cross sells from Salsify to Magento so that you don't have to double enter product relations.

  • Multi Store Sync

    Products can be assigned to one or many websites via a custom field mapping so that you can send products from multiple brands or country specific products from Salsify to Magento.

  • Image Sync

    Images will be automatically uploaded and associated with the imported products, with a great amount of flexibility as to where the images come from. You can also map how the images will be displayed for things like main, image, thumbnail, gallery etc.

  • All Product Types Supported

    We support all product types such as bundled, configurable and grouped products. In order to map configurable (base) products to simple (sellable) products from Salsify to Magento 2, we need to supply Salsify products with a user created property to do so.

  • Error Logging

    If you ever have any problems with the Magento 2 Salsify Connector, a button is provided to download the latest log files generated by the connector. You can use this file to debug any problems the connector may be having.

  • Category Sync

    The sync will automatically generate categories in Magento. Mapped to a hierarchy value in Salsify, it will create an n-tiered structure and assign the deepest category as the product’s category.

Implementation Services

An Implementation service is available for an additional hourly fee. *Large data sets may require additional fees beyond the average service implementation.

  1. Technical discovery outlining how we will approach the Salsify and Magento integration.
  2. Trellis will follow proper development operations.
    1. This will reduce the risk of web development errors, allowing for faster development, easy deployment, and the ability to experiment and Q/A in a staging environment before going live.
    2. Trellis will install the Magento 2 Salsify connector on all appropriate environments.
    3. If proper development operations are not in place, additional fees may apply.
  3. Trellis will bulk create attributes, categories, and products via the integration from Salsify to Magento.
    1. Trellis will consult with the client on the best ways to map products, attributes, attribute sets, and categories.
    2. Trellis will also bulk integrate images and media from the Salsify platform in Magento.
    3. During discovery we may determine to manually create or adjust attributes and categories due to certain limitations and parameters.
  4. Quality assurance & testing of the integration.
  5. Production deployment of the integration.
    1. Trellis is not providing or creating content.
    2. Trellis can not do major consulting work on your Salsify or Magento implementation (additional fees may apply, if needed).
    3. Trellis will not do any major data manipulation work to integrate the data, that data will integrate as is or will be changed by the client.
    4. Any bugs with your Magento implementation affecting the Salsify integration will not be included. Additional fees may apply if Trellis has to fix them.
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