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Trellis has mastered the leading eCommerce platform, Magento, and the leading CMS platform, WordPress, in order to help our customers grow online. We have also partnered with Hubspot, the leading marketing automation platform to help our clients generate more inbound customers. Our newest partnership is with Four 51 Order Cloud, a revolutionary B2B eCommerce platform for companies looking to get to the next level online.

  • We have expert level WordPress developers on staff to help our clients grow with the leading CMS in the world.

    WordPress Solutions
  • Magento is a top eCommerce platform for a reason, and we can help our customers leverage its unique and powerful capabilities.

    Magento Solutions
  • We can leverage Hubspot to help you grow your customer base way beyond what you thought was possible.

    Hubspot Solutions
  • We have partnered with the most innovative B2B eCommerce platform to take our customers B2B eCommerce experiences to the next level.

    OrderCloud Solutions
  • We are WooCommerce and eCommerce experts that can handle any WooCommerce challenge.

    WooCommerce Solutions
  • We have partnered with the leading SaaS eCommerce solution provider in the world, Shopify, to provide best in class eCommerce experiences.

    Shopify Solutions
  • We partnered with the leading cloud provider to bring incredible speed and scalability to our clients websites.

    AWS Solutions
  • It was a no brainer to focus on the leading PHP framework to build incredible web applications.

    Laravel Solutions


  • CRM

    Allow your website to collect valuable information from your customers and automatically update your CRM.

  • ERP

    Integrate your website into your existing operations by building the bridge between your ERP and your eCommerce website.

  • POS

    We can connect your POS to your Magento or WooCommerce website.

  • PIM

    Streamline product information management by making your PIM a direct feed for your eCommerce website.


    Have your website automatically add your contacts to your email marketing platform so that you can connect with your followers.


    Have a unique workflow? We can create a custom connection from your third party platform to WordPress or Magento.


Trellis doesn’t just design the visual aspects of our websites to be unique to the businesses we work with. Everything we do is designed around the specific needs of our customers on both a technology and service level offering.

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