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The most advanced responsive framework on the planet.

  • Faster to Code
  • The most Features
  • Mobile First
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  • Los Alamos
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  • National Geographic
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How we Use


  • 1.
    We leverage Foundation to build the best WordPress and Magento websites on the planet. By using the many capabilities of Foundation such as Sass, off canvas, modals, and the many other front-ended features it has, we build sites faster and better than ever before.
  • 2.
    Trellis utilizes Foundation to develop state of the art responsive websites that adjust to any Foundation Six framework to build extremely efficient sites that take advantage of the world's leading enterprise responsive framework.
  • customizable


    Foundation is the most customizable responsive framework out there allowing us to highly customize our sites.

  • Sass


    Sass is a much more efficient way to leverage CSS and helps Trellis build cutting edge frontend experiences.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping

    We can quickly prototype sites that would have once taken much longer to build.

How we took Designs by JuJu to the next level with foundation

We designed a fluid response Magento website with a WordPress integration. By implementing our proprietary Foundation 5 responsive Magento these we were able to deliver on the exact look and feel of the Designs by JuJu brand. We used quality extensions for features that were not in the out of the box Magento software and built custom modules for features that could not be found on Magento connect.

Designs By JuJu
  • 104% Increase in year over year revenue
  • 50% Increase in year over year organic traffic
  • 105% Increase in year over year traffic

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