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Strategy, creative, marketing, and development services for brands at every level. Trellis is a full service agency powering both emerging and top brands. When you meet us, you will encounter a team of unique individuals working together to create powerful digital experiences.

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We're excited to help you grow

Creative, Smart, Expressive, Thorough

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Billion in eCommerce Revenue Driven

Building Relationships, Not Projects.

From delivering strategy to elevating brand visuals, our values guide us in all that we do.



The learning process never really stops and we continue to learn more about your business as we partner with you on an on going basis.



We meet our clients where they are. Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, our team will work with you to identify goals and develop a unique strategy that can be executed within the constraints of your business and resources.



At Trellis, the learning process never stops. We foster an internal culture of curiosity and constant evolution, which empowers us to be collaborative, transparent, and intentional in all that we do. We also go the extra mile for our ongoing clients by continuously gathering insights, improving upon past work, and offering strategic feedback.



As a full service agency, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of services — from branding to development to digital marketing and strategy — to help you solve complex problems and bring your brand to life across every platform.



We thrive at the intersection of design and technology. Our deep knowledge of marketing, design, and eCommerce practices informs every project we take on, and allows us to offer the most strategic, data-driven, and up-to-date recommendations to our clients.

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