Platform Experts

Trellis has worked very hard to become a leading Shopify Plus partner in the world. With our recent merger of Growth Spark in 2018, Trellis has propelled itself into a leading position capable of helping the most robust brands in the world on Shopify with engineering features such as:

B2B & DTC Capabilities

Shopify recently released B2B capabilities for their Shopify Plus customers, and the wholesale purchase process can be included in the D2C store or created in its own separate store instance.

Fully-Hosted SaaS

Shopify Plus enables user ease-of-mind when it comes to platform security, hosting ability, and 99.99% network uptime. You will never have to pay for a core upgrade of a platform again!

International Functionality

Shopify Plus allows for easy international expansion with options for Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, and Multi-store which dynamically update data to match the end-user wherever they are across the world.

High Level of Theme Customization

Shopify’s out-of-the-box themes are some of the best in the business, but we can transform these frameworks into fully immersive brand experiences.

Extensive App Marketplace

With over 1,500 Apps to choose from, Shopify+ users can add reviews, loyalty programs, customer wishlists, print labels, and packing slips, integrate with accounting software, shipping programs, and social media sites, and more.

Open Source Contributors

We have developed the leading Shopify 2.0 open-source theme so that our customers can scale to new heights. Its based on the latest modern CSS framework, Tailwind, to ensure you are getting rock solid frontend development.

Shopify Plus Experts

Our Growth Spark division was one of the first Shopify partners in the United States. With over a decade of experience in Shopify, we can do everything from small, medium, to the largest Shopify sites in the world.

Shopify Plus Experts

The Shopify Ecosystem is Massive


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Shopify Plus Stores (thousands)


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Architecture & Planning

We do everything Shopify from strategy consulting to enterprise implementations. Whether your needs range from adding a simple buy button to enterprise SaaS migration, Trellis has your Shopify Plus needs covered through our development process with:

Business Analysis

Whether we’re building from the ground up or working with an existing site, we dive in to determine the most effective setup to reach your unique set of needs and goals.

Technology Recommendations

We have experience and partnerships with many third-party systems to allow your infrastructure to run smoothly on all fronts.

Project Planning

Prioritizing engineering tasks with the potential to have the most impact and understanding development task dependencies helps shape a successful project.

Task Estimations

Better understand the efforts involved for each development feature with our expert engineers collaborating on estimations.

Code Audits

With technology constantly changing and improving, it is difficult to always adhere to best practices (especially in an aging codebase),but we can come in with fresh eyes and see where potential code improvements can be made.

Performance Benchmarks

Whether you have a current site you want to optimize or are starting from scratch, we take the time to understand what performance metrics are possible with the integrations you need and identify where gains can be made.

Tailor-Made Development Process

Not everyone needs a highly custom site. That is why we have developed Shopify packages that allow us to build you a robust and unique site at an affordable price. The team you work with, whether it includes a full engineering team, sole lead engineer, or no engineer at all, have your business goals in mind while making changes to your store to meet those business goals and ultimately improve the user experience.

Growth Spark

We have a perfect solution for smaller stores. Our strategy, operations, and design team members are more than qualified to configure your store to encourage engagement and conversion.

Trellis Evergreen

Your project will be assigned to an entire engineering team, consisting of a Technical Lead, at least one Assistant Technical Lead, and engineers specializing in the Shopify platform. This team structure is best suited for a project with heavy custom development where a large amount of development hours are required to complete custom functionality that will set your store apart from the competition.

Trellis Outgrow

This is for clients that are essentially out growing Shopify. Instead of leaving the platform we can help you go headless and use Shopify for what it is best for and other solutions to solve your enterprise needs.

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