BigCommerce Reveals 100+ New Features

Kate Dubovikova

Kate Dubovikova

BigCommerce, a leading eCommerce platform for B2C and B2B brands and retailers, announced over 100 significant platform enhancements. New features and integrations were introduced as part of the Next Big Thing product launch. Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into all the fresh updates and see what benefits they bring to merchants.

Enhancing Global eCommerce with BigCommerce New Localized Features

A promotional web page highlighting BigCommerce new features to grow sales on a global scale, featuring an interface for selecting a country, with Italy and its provinces listed.The image displays a digital interface, suggesting a web-based service that facilitates global sales growth. The interface has two sections; on the left, there's a list that appears to be for selecting a country, with Italy chosen and a dropdown menu showing various Italian provinces. On the right, there's a summary of an order with a couch depicted in the image and a total price in euros.
Expand your business reach with a platform designed for global sales management.

Effortless Global Expansion

BigCommerce now simplifies the creation of localized shopping experiences. This makes expanding globally faster and more scalable for businesses.

Advanced Multi-Storefront Capabilities

With enhanced multi-storefront capabilities, brands can now set up dedicated storefronts for different regions. These storefronts can feature tailored content, languages, pricing, and promotions. This not only boosts conversion rates but also reduces operational costs. All these features can be managed from a single BigCommerce back-end, streamlining administration.

Customizable Checkout Experiences

Each storefront can offer a unique checkout experience. This customization supports a multi-region, multi-storefront strategy. It keeps the shopping experience local, which can significantly increase checkout conversions.

Simplifying Composable eCommerce with Catalyst and Makeswift

A promotional graphic for Catalyst, featuring an overlaid series of icons and a mobile interface showcasing an online store.
Catalyst — The forefront of eCommerce, integrating Next.js and React for an optimal online shopping experience.

Revolutionizing Storefront Creation

Headless and composable commerce have traditionally offered excellent performance and unique branding opportunities but at a high cost. BigCommerce introduced Catalyst and Makeswift to make building modern, composable solutions more affordable and less complex.

Catalyst: A New Foundation for eCommerce

BigCommerce’s Catalyst is designed to lower the entry barrier for businesses adopting composable and headless commerce technologies. This powerful tool significantly simplifies the development process. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with existing tech stacks, ensuring businesses can launch and scale with ease. Here are some other benefits of Catalyst:

  • Simplified Development: Catalyst provides a user-friendly starting point for building high-performing, SEO-optimized online stores with a composable architecture.
  • Integration of Advanced Technologies: It incorporates popular headless technologies and best practices, offering an accessible reference storefront for developers.
  • Enhanced Developer Experience: Catalyst boosts the speed of development without compromising quality. Its customizable storefront components, GraphQL API client are optimized for the latest versions of Next.js and React Server Components.

Makeswift: Streamlining Content Management

Integral to Catalyst, Makeswift is a composable page builder designed for the Next.js framework. Its goal is to simplify the management of storefronts and content pages for efficient visual administration.

Explore more benefits of composable commerce with the latest BigCommerce updates.

BigCommerce’s BigAI for Enhanced eCommerce Intelligence

BigCommerce is leveraging artificial intelligence to transform online shopping experiences. This new functionality helps merchants boost engagement, conversions, and revenue while also increasing operational efficiency.

BigAI Copywriter for Product Descriptions

The BigAI Copywriter utilizes generative AI technology to create compelling and SEO-optimized product descriptions. This tool helps turn casual browsers into loyal customers by enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of product listings.

Predictive Analytics with BigAI

Through BigCommerce’s integration with Google BigQuery, BigAI Predictive Analytics includes a machine learning starter kit that predicts the future value of new customers. This powerful insight allows brands to tailor their marketing strategies to attract and retain high-value customers over the long term.

Personalized Product Recommendations

The integration with Google Retail AI allows BigCommerce to offer personalized product recommendations. This feature adapts in real-time, aiming to increase average order values and conversion rates by presenting the most relevant products to each customer.

By incorporating these AI-driven capabilities, BigCommerce is setting a new standard for smart eCommerce solutions, helping brands leverage cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in a competitive market.

BigCommerce’s New Tools for B2B eCommerce

BigCommerce is rolling out new tools designed to transform the buyer experience and boost sales. These enhancements focus on customization, localization, and advanced quoting functionalities, setting a new standard for B2B online transactions.

Global Availability of B2B Edition

The B2B Edition is now globally available for both single and multi-storefronts. This feature allows brands to tailor the B2B purchasing experience to different markets, significantly enhancing the buyer’s journey by adapting to local business practices and preferences.

B2B Buyer Portals

Soon, BigCommerce will open-source its popular B2B Buyer Portal. This development means manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and other B2B entities will have the ability to customize their portal applications. By doing so, they can address complex, industry-specific challenges more efficiently and cost-effectively.

These strategic enhancements by BigCommerce are set to redefine how businesses engage with each other in the digital space, making it easier and more efficient to manage B2B interactions and transactions. For more detailed information on how these new B2B tools can revolutionize your business operations, click here to learn more.

BigCommerce’s Feedonomics for Multi-Channel Sales

With BigCommerce’s Feedonomics, brands find it easier than ever to sell across all channels where customers shop. This integration allows for synchronized data management, simplifying multi-channel retailing with the world’s leading full-service feed management solution. Other benefits include:

  • Event-Driven Sync: The latest feature in Feedonomics, event-driven real-time sync, empowers brands to maximize sales potential and enhance customer experiences. It addresses critical needs in enterprise data pipelines.
  • Enhanced Data Management: This feature prevents common issues like listing disapprovals, overselling, and account suspensions by ensuring timely updates of crucial attributes such as inventory and pricing.
  • Efficient Operation: Users can efficiently manage data updates from various systems through an event pipeline, coupled with features like data validation to identify gaps and prevent errors, thus optimizing operational efficiency and revenue potential.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: Instant commerce through Feedonomics opens up new revenue channels from leading eCommerce marketplaces and delivery apps. It facilitates options like online purchase with in-store pickup or same-day delivery.
  • Market Agility: This feature accelerates time to market, simplifies integration, and optimizes data handling for improved performance.

For more insights into how Feedonomics can enhance your multi-channel eCommerce strategy, learn more about these capabilities.

BigCommerce New Features to Boost Conversion Rates

BigCommerce continues to elevate the performance of brands and retailers by introducing innovative solutions aimed at maximizing conversion rates. These enhancements include new passwordless checkout options, advanced promotional capabilities, and AI-powered personalization techniques.

A web banner advertising strategies to convert shoppers to customers, featuring an image of a smiling woman using a smartphone.
Streamline your checkout process and enhance customer conversion with innovative, AI-driven solutions.

Fastlane by PayPal

In partnership with PayPal, BigCommerce is set to offer Fastlane, a passwordless checkout solution specifically for U.S. customers. This feature significantly speeds up the checkout process, with early adopters seeing a nearly 40% increase in checkout speed compared to traditional guest checkouts. The ease and speed of Fastlane are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates, making the purchasing process smoother and quicker.

Customizable Checkout Experience

Now available in beta, this feature allows developers to add new functionalities to the shipping step of the checkout process, with plans to expand to more areas of checkout in the future. This customization capability is designed to be implemented without the typical costs and complexities associated with modifying checkout processes.

Advanced Promotions Capabilities

Brands can now create more specific and effectively targeted promotions. The new tools provide greater flexibility and granularity in discount management, allowing for more precise targeting of products and promotions. For further details on how these new features can help your brand optimize conversion rates and stay ahead of the competition, click here to learn more.

BigCommerce New Features for Streamlined Operations

BigCommerce continues to offer enterprise-grade security and compliance, now coupled with a user interface that is easier and more intuitive. This modernization effort reduces both the cost and friction typically associated with advanced tech platforms.

The new control panel navigation introduces a modern, streamlined design, enhancing the overall user experience. Features such as expandable subcategories make scanning and browsing more efficient. A new top bar improves functionality, allowing users to easily search the store, view storefronts, switch between stores, and more.

A web banner with a message about reducing operational costs, displaying two women looking at a laptop screen.
Drive efficiency and security in your operations with advanced tools designed to reduce costs and complexity.

Users can now customize product tables and optimize product management more effectively. The platform includes tools for bulk operations, quicker category assignments, and enhanced inventory management. Integration with Shipper HQ addresses complex shipping needs, facilitating smoother logistics. With new permission settings, brands and retailers can ensure robust security as they manage access and permissions for individual users, groups, partners, and storefronts.

For additional information on how these operational improvements can help reduce costs and streamline your business processes, learn more about BigCommerce’s operational efficiencies.

BigCommerce’s Developer-Centric Innovations

BigCommerce acknowledges the pivotal role developers play in eCommerce innovation. As a nod to this, the platform has reengineered its Developer Center to cater specifically to their needs. This hub is now a goldmine of resources, including documentation, guides, reference materials, tools, and access to a community of expert peers.

BigDesign: A Unified Design System

BigDesign comes equipped with a pattern library and a UX writing guide, aiming to standardize and elevate user experiences across the BigCommerce ecosystem and beyond. In an unprecedented move, BigCommerce has made its internal Figma UI kit public. This is the same kit used by their product designers to create user-friendly, powerful commerce tools.

Other tech advancements for developers include:

  • New APIs and Tools: BigCommerce introduces new APIs that allow developers to further extend the platform’s capabilities.
  • Enhanced Webhook Consumption: The platform now supports new ways for app developers to handle webhooks efficiently at scale.
  • Customizable Checkout Experiences: Developers have new methods at their disposal to tailor and enhance the checkout process.
  • Increased Security Measures: Improvements include new script integrity protection measures to bolster security.

For a deeper dive into how BigCommerce is revolutionizing its platform for developers, click here to learn more.


BigCommerce’s latest upgrade with over 100 new features signals a significant shift in the eCommerce landscape. By focusing on simplifying global expansion, enhancing composable commerce with Catalyst, and integrating AI-driven tools, BigCommerce is driving greater operational efficiency and conversion optimization. These enhancements not only elevate the platform’s functionality but also empower developers and businesses to adapt and innovate more effectively. This comprehensive update positions BigCommerce at the forefront of eCommerce innovation, enabling brands to leverage cutting-edge technology to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

By leveraging these features, enterprises can not only streamline their operations but also build lasting relationships with clients and partners. Agencies like Trellis can help you maximize the value of BigCommerce features tailoring and customizing them for your business needs.

Contact Trellis to create a strategy to position your eCommerce business for sustained success.

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