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Jack D'Errico

Jack D'Errico

Choosing the right agency to embark on your website creation or redesign is a pivotal part of ensuring the success of the campaign. There are many agencies to select from so but ensuring the right F.I.T. takes some time and research to get to know your partner and make sure your goals align. During this introductory period, there are three main things to look for from your potential partner…


It is important to make sure the agency you are in talks with has relevant experience in your respective industry vertical. Learning more about their work with similar clients can foreshadow how your experience with that agency may play out. You can learn many crucial details from past projects and campaigns. It is ideal for the agency to have learned lessons from past experience and recognize that these lessons will make future projects run with more precision and effectiveness. It is equally important to make sure the agency has experience with the software you intend to build upon. Magneto experience is not pertinent to a brand that wants to build with  Shopify or vice versa. There are many platforms out there and they differ greatly. Experts are hard to come by so make sure that the specific project needs are fulfilled by the agency and that you will not be a “guinea pig” project.
The team you work with should be unbiased at heart. The agency should know their niche and aim to stay within it. This means staying true to their expertise and refraining from being “yes men”. The communication should be natural and transparent to reduce future bumps in the road.
The last step in your research should validate their credentials. A website can only be built well if the developers behind have adequate skills to do so. The team should be certified and have deep relevant experience.


An agency that is not constantly rebranding, looking forward, or innovating is an agency that you certainly want to avoid when choosing a partner. It is crucial for the long-term success of your business to constantly update your goals and strategies to reflect the trends of the current market. If they are complacent in their own operations, they will most likely be complacent when it comes to your campaign. Avoid this at all costs. The agency you choose should be able to think on their feet and adapt quickly as thought leaders in their field. Creativity is key in this industry.


Understand you will be working with your selected agency for an extended period of time, so whoever you choose should act as an extension of your own team. You two will be working hand in hand on a daily basis. Similar philosophies and company culture will lead to a balanced working relationship. This relationship should include communication that encourages discussion and challenging of ideas. Both sides should be comfortable expressing their opinions and analyzing thoughts objectively. This can add instant value to your team without adding to your payroll.
Do your due diligence and peel back the layers of your prospective partner. Your research now will pay dividends later. A good F.I.T. is integral to a successful partnership with you and the agency of your choosing.

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