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Trellis + Growth Spark Combine Forces to Dominate eCommerce

Three years ago, New England’s largest Magento team joined forces with Boston’s top Shopify agency, Growth Spark, to position parent company Trellis to become the world’s leading full-service eCommerce agency. Fast forward to today, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Trellis has scaled tremendously since the Growth Spark merger, so much so that our robust discovery process and senior-level staffing has become overkill for a major section of the market. Each year, Trellis continues to work on increasingly complex, innovative, and enterprise-level projects which means we get to work with larger, more recognizable, and higher budget companies.

But we remain entrepreneurs at heart and do not want to leave other startups without a viable market option for full eCommerce builds. eCommerce is still a new frontier and can be entirely overwhelming for non-native eCommerce enthusiasts. We’ve noticed that no other companies offer streamlined quality eCommerce starter packages. So boom, Growth Spark is back!

What exactly is Growth Spark by Trellis?

Growth Spark is an all-inclusive Shopify offering that provides the agency experience with a simplified process and expedited deliverable.  The foundation for your spark of growth!

Growth Spark by Trellis is a way for brands to get a high quality Shopify store that checks all of the boxes of a high performing site without a 6-figure price tag and 6 month minimum timeline. Growth Spark streamlines the web development process by leveraging Trellis’s existing talent and infrastructure to deliver best in class Shopify storefronts in just 12 weeks.

The Growth Spark process trims the fat off of larger builds by eliminating discovery, reducing PM hours, and tightening the project scope. Growth Spark scope is fenced to include standing up a pre-built Shopify theme, matching their brand to a style guide for design, content strategy guidelines, and all standard Shopify features & functionalities.

Who’s It For?

Growth Spark builds are designed to stand up Pre-built Shopify themes for clients that know exactly what they need, and are eager to stand up a higher converting store quickly and easily.

We designed the Growth Spark offering to cater to high growth startups, eCommerce newbies, and any consumer brands ready to legitimize their web presence on Shopify. The Growth Spark program is a great way for early-cycle companies to get their foot in the door with Trellis and work alongside our strategy teams to help scale the business up until they are ready for full-build Trellis projects.

La Quercia, Tapestry Girls, and Get Maine Lobster have already launched (on time and on budget) under the new Growth Spark process and a handful more are already on the way.

If you are interested in learning more about the Growth Spark offerings, please reach out to Jack D’Errico ( who is leading all Marketing and Sales for Growth Spark.

tapestry girls new site homepage
la quercia homepage shopify
get maine lobster desktop homepage

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