Hidden Meanings/Facts within Famous Logos

Nicole Dean

Nicole Dean

Every logo has a story or hidden meaning behind it. That’s one of the reasons that make them so iconic. Take a look at some great examples of this below!
Baskin Robbins
The pink in the Baskin Robbins logo may seem artistic, but the different colors are actually supposed to reveal the number 31 signifying their original number of flavors of ice cream that the company offered.
The arrow pointing left in the S and the arrow point right in the Y of the Subway logo symbolize the entrance and exit of a Subway. It represents that you can have food on the way.
National Geographic
The National Geographic logo consists of a simple yellow Portrait Frame or a Door to visit Science, Nature, History, Culture and Reality.
The NBC logo has a peacock above the text which is looking to the right symbolizing the company’s motto to look forward and not backwards.
Olympic Rings
The five colored rings stand for the five continents of the world and the five colors combined tend to reproduce the national colors of all the participating nations.
There is a smiley face on the LG logo. The logo consists of the letters L and G in the form of a human face. The circle symbolizes the globe, future, youth, humanity and technology.
Mozilla Firefox
The flaming fox encircling a stylized earth in the Mozilla Firefox logo symbolizes the browser’s global reach and also its “blazing” speed.
Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio’s logo represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the VA as the analog wave and IO as the digital binary code.
The vertical lines are meant to represent San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Bridge. The lines also represent a digital signal.
The Amazon logo has both a smile and an arrow in its design. The smile symbolizes a happy customer. The arrow from A to Z symbolizes that Amazon has everything you might ever want or need from A to Z.
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