March eCommerce Updates from Trellis Partners

Kate Dubovikova

Kate Dubovikova

March unfolded with a series of pivotal updates across the eCommerce spectrum, shining a spotlight on both notable achievements and emerging innovations within the sector. This month, we delve into the accomplishments and new features from leading platforms and niche players alike.

From significant recognitions in partner awards to the launch of advanced technological solutions, the eCommerce arena is witnessing rapid transformations that are reshaping how businesses connect with customers and streamline their operations. 

Graphic banner titled 'Partner Updates' for March from Trellis, featuring logos of various tech and e-commerce companies like Shopify, Vercel, Okendo, Yotpo, BigCommerce, Malomo, Rebuy, Swym, Buy with Prime, Relo, Recharge, and Loop.
Trellis March Partner Updates

Let’s explore these exciting developments and their implications for the future of online commerce.

Partner Awards 🏆

2023 BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards, Americas

Trellis has cause for celebration, being named a FINALIST for TWO prestigious accolades in the BigCommerce Partner Awards for 2023: Partner of the Year and the Omnichannel Solutions Award in America. This recognition underscores Trellis’s commitment to excellence and innovation in eCommerce solutions. To learn more about the awards, check out the BigCommerce Expertise Awards page.

An image featuring an award acknowledgment, with the BigCommerce logo at the top left corner and the Trellis logo at the top right. The center reads "PARTNER AWARDS" in bold, capitalized text, with "AGENCY FINALIST" directly below in a larger font size. Dominating the right side is a stylized, three-dimensional, neon blue "B" representing BigCommerce, set against a dark background sprinkled with tiny, star-like dots. The year "2023" is at the base of the "B", indicating the award year, and "Partner Awards" is inscribed at the bottom of the "B", denoting the occasion. The overall design conveys a futuristic and celebratory mood.
2023 BigCommerce Partner Awards Finalist – Trellis

Yotpo Partner Awards 2024

Trellis has been honored as a finalist in the Yotpo Partner Awards for the Excellence Award in North America. This nod highlights Trellis’s outstanding work and influence in the eCommerce space, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional online retail solutions. For a closer look at the award and other finalists, visit Yotpo‘s announcement of the 2024 finalists here.

The image announces Trellis as a finalist in the 2024 Yotpo Partner Awards. A rich purple backdrop sets off the large, white text "MEET THE FINALISTS" with an orange banner, emphasizing the prestige of the nominees. Below, the Trellis logo signifies their standout achievement in the competition. The graphic design uses modern, geometric shapes, creating a sense of depth and excitement for the event.
2024 Yotpo Partner Awards: Trellis as a Finalist

Recharge Premier Partner

Trellis maintains its prestigious status as a Recharge Premier Partner proving to be a top performer among agency partners. As a Premier Partner, Trellis continues to exemplify leadership in innovation and collaboration within the eCommerce ecosystem. Cheers to another year of success and a fruitful partnership with Recharge.

Recharge 2024 Premier Agency Partners graphic with Trellis logo.
Trellis: A 2024 Recharge Premier Agency Partner

March eCommerce Updates from Shopify

Enterprise Website

Shopify has expanded its horizon with the launch of a new website dedicated to serving enterprise-level businesses. This strategic move positions Shopify to cater to the larger market’s unique and complex needs, offering robust solutions for high-volume merchants.

By visiting Shopify’s enterprise page, merchants can explore a suite of advanced features and tailored support designed to scale up their operations seamlessly. This initiative underscores Shopify’s commitment to delivering comprehensive, scalable eCommerce solutions to meet and exceed the demands of enterprise clients.

A promotional webpage for Shopify for Enterprise with the headline 'The world's most powerful commerce platform'. Below, it invites readers to unlock growth with Shopify, accompanied by logos of well-known brands using Shopify, including Everlane, Glossier, JB Hi-Fi, Mattel, Quay Australia, Staples, and BuyBuy Baby. The page also includes mentions of Shopify's recognitions: Leader in IDC B2C Commerce Platforms 2024 and Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant.
“Shopify for Enterprise: Empowering Top Brands

Headless Commerce

Shopify Academy has launched two new certification paths to empower both developers and business consultants with the knowledge of Shopify’s headless commerce capabilities. The ‘Headless at Shopify for Developers‘ path includes four courses, providing a deep dive into Shopify’s headless framework and tools.

Alternatively, the ‘Headless at Shopify for Business Consultants‘ path offers two courses focusing on guiding clients through the headless implementation process. These learning resources are available for free, signifying Shopify’s investment in education to enhance headless storefront implementations.

March eCommerce Updates from Yotpo

Custom Retention Dashboard Time Frames

Yotpo now offers custom date ranges on the Retention Dashboard, providing merchants with unprecedented flexibility. This update allows for more precise tracking and analysis of customer retention and the ability to observe trends over time.

Seamless Login via SMS

Yotpo’s new seamless login feature sends a unique SMS link, streamlining the account login process. This reduces checkout friction, potentially boosting conversions and loyalty program engagement.

Points Expiry and Referral Flows

With the latest Yotpo updates, merchants can automate reminders about loyalty points expiration, encouraging customers to act before their points vanish. Additionally, new referral flows in Yotpo SMS & Email help enhance referral programs and thank customers upon successful referrals.

Enhanced Customer Page

The revamped ‘Customers’ page in Yotpo SMS & Email offers a detailed view of customer profiles, with options to filter by subscription status, streamlining customer data management.

Advanced Review Requests

Yotpo’s updated review request system allows brands to tailor requests based on various factors, including product type and customer engagement, with general availability for Reviews + SMS slated for the week of March 11th. For more detailed information, please refer to Yotpo’s introduction to Advanced Review Flows.

March Updates from Okendo

Okendo Loyalty is officially making its debut in the market, offering a new dimension to customer engagement. Clients of agency partners like Trellis are invited to get a head start with early access and exclusive discounts before its wide release in Q2.

This early access presents a unique opportunity for businesses to be at the forefront of leveraging Okendo‘s innovative loyalty solutions. If you’re interested in incorporating Okendo Loyalty into your strategy, touch base with Trellis for more details.

March eCommerce Updates from Rebuy

Checkout Extensions

Merchants now have the opportunity to boost checkout conversion rates and enhance customer experiences with Rebuy‘s latest update to Checkout Extensions. This powerful feature allows you to include subscription products in your checkout upsell offers, providing a seamless way to increase recurring revenue and build customer loyalty.

For an easy setup, follow the detailed instructions provided in Rebuy’s help documentation or watch the informative video walkthrough. By integrating subscriptions into your checkout process, you’re not just selling more—you’re also creating lasting connections with your customers.

March eCommerce Updates from Loop

Worldwide Shipping

Loop introduces “Ship by Loop,” a new service that streamlines the shipping process for merchants. This innovative feature allows merchants to connect directly with global carriers through the Loop platform, eliminating the need for separate third-party shipping accounts. With access to discounted rates, merchants can now easily generate shipping labels and manage shipments without leaving Loop. For details on supported carriers and to learn more about this service, visit Loop’s support page.

March eCommerce Updates from Malomo

Malomo, a Shopify order tracking solution, now integrates seamlessly with Yotpo, enhancing the post-purchase experience for eCommerce brands. This collaboration allows merchants to leverage advanced analytics and marketing tools alongside detailed order tracking, providing customers with a more engaging and informative shopping journey. For detailed insights on how this integration can benefit your store, check out the full details on Malomo’s website.

Mobile screen showing SHOEBACCA's delivery tracking interface with 'Estimated Delivery Sunday, March 3' and a display of shoes under 'Best Sellers'. The Malomo and Yotpo logos are positioned at the top on a purple background.
Track Orders with Malomo and Yotpo

March eCommerce Updates from Amazon Buy With Prime

Integration with Klaviyo

Integrating Buy with Prime with Klaviyo facilitates seamless email marketing automation, enhancing customer engagement and improving sales recovery from abandoned checkouts. This innovative approach allows for personalized outreach, leveraging customer data for targeted campaigns.

Check out the Sherpany success story, which experienced a 30.7% increase in completed orders using the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime app. It underscored the effectiveness of tailored email strategies in boosting conversion rates.

March eCommerce Updates from Relo

Relay Commerce recently acquired Relo, a platform specializing in predictive AI for eCommerce, enhancing its suite of customer retention solutions. This integration is expected to bolster merchant capabilities in driving repeat orders and subscriptions through advanced predictive analytics, personalizing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Graphic showing a partnership between Relay and relo with their logos overlaid on a dynamic geometric patterned blue background.
Relay and Relo: A Strategic Partnership

Relo stands out for delivering significant ROI, often becoming a merchant’s top marketing tool. This move aligns with Relay’s mission to support e-commerce merchants throughout the customer lifecycle, from attraction to retention.

March eCommerce Updates from Vercel

Vercel has launched its Skew Protection feature, now generally available to solve common version mismatch issues between client and server that lead to errors like 404s and 500s post-deployment. This industry-first solution uses version locking to ensure that client and server operate on the same version, enhancing user experience by reducing errors during updates.

Diagram showing user navigation to two different app deployments: User 1 to Deployment A, User 2 to Deployment B, each with serverless functions, edge functions, and static resources outlined.
User Navigation to Multiple App Deployments

Particularly beneficial for developers and businesses using Pro and Enterprise plans, it streamlines deployment processes and increases site reliability. Learn more about activating and configuring Skew Protection here.


March has unveiled a plethora of transformative updates and accomplishments within the eCommerce sector, spotlighting the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation by industry leaders. Whether it’s the recognition of Trellis Partners in prestigious awards or the unveiling of advanced solutions designed to enrich the online shopping experience, these developments underscore the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of digital commerce. Staying abreast of these trends is essential for navigating the complexities of the market and steering your business toward sustained success and growth.

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