Optimizing Your eCommerce Experience to Appeal to Gen-Z

Charlie Fletcher

Charlie Fletcher

Gen-Z represents a massive opportunity for your eCommerce business. Younger consumers are native users of the web and are well-acquainted with popular eCommerce sites like Etsy and Shopify. 

However, appealing to Gen-Z can be tricky. Younger consumers are savvy and will do their research before making a purchase. You’ll need to optimize your site to appeal to Gen-Z and should spend big on marketing that promotes your brand’s presence online. 

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Inventory for Gen-Z eCommerce

Optimizing your eCommerce site is about more than flashy graphics and embedded interactive content. As digital natives, Gen-Z has grown up using sites like Amazon and has grown accustomed to lightning-fast order fulfillment and delivery speeds. Optimizing your inventory can increase your appeal amongst Gen-Zers and minimize the number of sales you lose at checkout. 

Start by reevaluating your inventory management technique. Traditional management techniques like “first-in, first-out” and “Just In Time” (JIT), work well for brick-and-mortar stores but, as an eCommerce site, you may benefit more from dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a popular inventory management system in the eCommerce world — and for good reason. Whenever your customer places an order, automated software will automatically place an order with the vendors you use. 

As your business grows, you may need to scale your inventory management systems to meet the demands of demanding Gen-Z consumers. Monitor your periodic automatic replacement (PAR) levels to ensure that your supply increases in line with demand. This will ensure you aren’t caught out by steadily growing demand and can continue to fulfill orders as your brand grows. 

Marketing to Gen-Z

Creating a buzz amongst Gen-Z consumers can be tricky. Many young shoppers prioritize ethical consumerism and aren’t afraid to turn their backs on brands that forgo their commitments to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues. 

A recent Creatopy survey of 1,000 Gen-Z shoppers found that 47.45% of consumers prefer brands that take a stand on social issues like climate change and racial discrimination. However, savvy consumers will spot disingenuous support of social justice issues and will turn to your competitors if you fail to take your commitment to ESG issues seriously. 

Instead, make meaningful changes to your marketing strategy and embrace inclusive design. Create inclusive ads that show people living with different abilities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Double down on your commitment to ESG issues by funding charitable causes that mean a lot to you and consumers. Consider creating funds to overcome racial injustice in your area or budget for community cleanups that support your local ecosystem. These meaningful changes will build your appeal amongst Gen-Zers and help you leverage social commerce. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce is on the rise. Current estimates predict a 31.6% increase in social commerce revenue in the next decade, as many shoppers choose to buy through trusted platforms like Instagram and Facebook.   

Maximize the strength of your social commerce campaign by utilizing influencer marketing. Influencer marketing can quickly increase your reach amongst Gen-Zers and significantly improve your conversion rate. Young consumers innately trust the folks they follow online and will pay attention when their favorite TikToker highlights your product. 

Remember to work with your influencer when drawing up a marketing campaign. Influencers have a great understanding of their followers and will know how to build a branded message that lands. Just give your influencer a clear strategy to follow and ensure that they have the right links to direct traffic toward the mobile version of your eCommerce site. 

Mobile Sales

Gen-Z users who find your site via social media are probably viewing your eCommerce site on their mobile phones. This means that your web presence must be optimized to meet the needs of Android and iPhone users alike. 

Increase your conversion rate by opting for a simple, mobile-friendly webpage. Use large, easy-to-tap buttons and intuitive navigation options like “hamburger” menu icons and sticky headers or footers. 

Reduce bounce rate on mobile sites by minimizing your load speeds. A large, interactive banner may look impressive during a marketing meeting but will turn consumers away if it bogs down your eCommerce site. Instead, compress your images and streamline the sales funnel to help folks get to the checkout quicker. 

Remember to test and retest your mobile eCommerce site. Don’t rely on desktop displays, instead, try to access your site using a range of mobile devices and tablets. You may be surprised by the number of usability issues that your site has when viewing through a current-gen iPhone or a slightly dated tablet. 


Appealing to Gen-Z can boost your revenue and improve brand awareness. Even simple changes, like optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile users, can have a big impact on your ability to capture a younger audience. Maximize your appeal amongst Gen-Z by enlisting the services of trusted influencers that align with your brand values. Follow through on ESG commitments like climate change and racial justice by funding community support efforts in your area and producing inclusive marketing materials whenever possible. 

If you’re looking for additional support with your marketing strategy, reach out to our Growth Spark team for a consultation on how to scale your eCommerce business.

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