SkiCommerce 2024: A Fresh Take on eCommerce Networking

Kate Dubovikova

Kate Dubovikova

Last month, Trellis hosted SkiCommerce 2024, blending networking, learning, and adventure in Stowe, VT. From February 8th to 10th, this remarkable event united over 30 eCommerce leaders in a breathtaking setting.

This event mixed skiing excitement with eCommerce trends, backed by Bloomreach, BigCommerce, Buy with Prime, and PayPal. It broke from usual conferences, creating real ties among eCommerce fans.

A group photo of SkiCommerce attendees on a brewery tour.

Event Overview

The VIP event focused on building valuable connections for eCommerce and nurturing innovative growth. Marketing Chiefs and digital experts gathered to reshape the digital marketplace with strategic networking.

“I think people are sick of the boring presentations and events where you only get surface-level conversations. By the second day, it felt like we had all been friends for years. We were able to get to know each other,” said Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis.

A group of SkiCommerce participants share laughter and stories around a fire pit.

Now, let’s dive into the highlights and behind-the-scenes moments of the event to see how it was.

Arrivals and Alpine Delights

The event began at Stoweflake Hotel, leading to a dinner at Tipsy Trout with Chef Kwasi Kwaa’s standout seafood. His Scallop Ceviche, Za’taar Tout, and Urfa Chilli Tart impressed all. “Exquisite dining and new friendships marked an unforgettable start,” Jared Shaner of Trellis noted.

A scene from the SkiCommerce event dinner: attendees engage attentively as one person stands to speak, with elegant table settings and a warm, inviting atmosphere underscored by stylish décor.
First event dinner at Tipsy Trout.

Slope-Side Insights & Networking

Day two was an adrenaline rush with skiing at Stowe Mountain. But it wasn’t just about the slopes; it was a chance for attendees to connect on a personal level, sharing insights and ideas in a laid-back setting. “Meeting Kari Johnson from Buy with Prime on the slopes and discussing direct customer relationships was a highlight,” mentioned one attendee. They emphasized the unique blend of business and pleasure at SkiCommerce 2024.

Lunch at Whistlepig Pavilion highlighted the event’s blend of work and play. Subsequently, a tour at Alchemist Brewery later in the day reinforced this reputation.

Attendees of SkiCommerce 2024 are engaged in lively conversations while sampling beers during a brewery tour, surrounded by industrial brewing equipment and enjoying the casual, friendly atmosphere.
Attendees of SkiCommerce 2024 are engaged in lively conversations while sampling beers during a brewery tour.

The dinner at Idletyme Brewing Co. offered a taste of Vermont’s best, with local delicacies and craft beers on the menu.

A Summit of Ideas

The Breakfast Summit on the final day was a hub for eCommerce strategies and insights. The spirit of innovation and collaboration was evident. Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, encapsulated the essence of the event. “SkiCommerce 2024 was an amazingly curated event that fostered high-impact insights among senior leaders, in a stunning setting. It underscored the importance of AI in eCommerce, a domain we at Trellis are excited to explore further.”

SkiCommerce attendees enjoying an outdoor gathering around a fire pit, with some people chatting, one smiling at the camera with a drink in hand, and another warming their hands by the fire, all against a snowy landscape backdrop.
SkiCommerce attendees enjoying an outdoor gathering around a fire pit.

Key Takeaways and Future Visions

The event wasn’t just about the now but also the next in eCommerce. The introduction of Bloomreach’s Clarity AI marked a leap towards personalized merchandising, resonating with the attendees’ future-focused mindset. “AI is not just a future thought; it’s here, and it’s critical for staying ahead,” Bollinger added, reflecting on the transformative potential of AI for eCommerce.

The event wrapped up with promises of future gatherings and deeper dives into the technology shaping eCommerce. Attendees left with new connections, fresh ideas, and a rejuvenated drive to innovate within their spaces.

Four smiling SkiCommerce participants pose for a selfie on the ski slopes, donning ski gear and goggles, with a ski lift and snowy mountain in the background, capturing the essence of the event's outdoor activities.
SkiCommerce participants pose for a selfie on the ski slopes.

“The intimate setting allowed for genuine connections. It’s rare to find an event so perfectly balanced,” one attendee reflected.

Looking Ahead

For Trellis and its circle, SkiCommerce 2024 offered a new kind of professional meet-up. It was filled with laughter, shared tales, and mutual learning. These elements are key for future innovation and teamwork. The event’s insights and new friendships will echo far beyond Stowe’s snow. They inspire a rethink of gathering in the ever-changing eCommerce world.

A festive collage of SkiCommerce 2024 memories, featuring a cheerful selfie, attendees relaxing by a fire pit, and two people ready for skiing, all framed against a sparkling background with the text "SkiCommerce 2024 Memories."
A festive collage of SkiCommerce 2024 memories.

As we bid farewell to SkiCommerce 2024, the path forward for Trellis and its partners is clear. “This event not only strengthened our AI commitment,” Bollinger concluded, “but also highlighted community and teamwork in the eCommerce field.” Looking ahead, Trellis and partners are poised to transform the eCommerce journey. They aim to make every interaction as meaningful as the experiences in Stowe.

SkiCommerce 2024 might be over, but the journey for its participants is just beginning. The seeds of innovation sown here are set to germinate into strategies and solutions. They will shape the future of eCommerce. Until next year, let’s keep the spirit of SkiCommerce alive. Let’s push boundaries, embrace technology, and foster connections that drive our industry forward.

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