Sophisticated Digital Marketing Tools for Improved B2B Lead Generation

Jack D'Errico

Jack D'Errico

No matter the scale of your company or the industry you operate in, generating leads and networking with B2B stakeholders is of utmost importance. However, finding the right platforms and tools for lead generation can be tricky due to the sheer amount of options available on the web.
According to HubSpot, companies which emphasize lead nurturing and automation make 50% more sales at 33% of the cost other, non-nurturing companies spend. Company representatives also note that organized events and published case studies make the most impact when it comes to B2B lead generation and subsequent nurturing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most sophisticated and useful digital marketing tools which can help you improve your B2B lead generation for better networking opportunities.


In terms of B2B outreach and cold email, it can be difficult to create a list of lucrative emails to reach out to. However, with tools such as Hunter, you can easily find industry representatives, company officials and established professionals around the globe.
All you need to do is set the parameters for Hunter to use in order to generate a mailing list for your B2B marketing and outreach activities. The tool comes in free and premium versions depending on the scale of your business and its needs.


One of the biggest issues in terms of generating leads is how to approach stakeholders in the right way. Some B2B professionals will act professionally when a company reaches out for email and contact information while others might not take kindly to generic messages and forms.
Enter Leadformly, a platform dedicated to custom-built lead generation forms which can be retrofitted into a plethora of visually appealing materials for your B2B stakeholders. Coupled with a writing platform such as Trust My Paper, Leadformly can help you create and localize representative forms which will attract more leads to your company and open new networking doors for you to take advantage of.


Lead Forensics

Sometimes potential leads won’t take the final step and convert to a B2B lead. However, you can still check if they are interested in working with your company through tools such as Lead Forensics. The platform is designed with public IP tracking in mind, allowing you to quickly surmise what company a visitor came from.
This will allow you to reach out to those representatives and offer networking options to them directly. Lead Forensics offers numerous analytics and B2B lead generation options, including segmentation, sales, and outreach from the platform itself.


It’s always a great idea to engage a potential B2B lead while they browse through your website, blog or service portfolio. Intercom is a messaging tool which can seamlessly integrate into your website and allow your representatives to engage on-site visitors.
Think chatbots, but with actual agents tasked with converting B2B leads. This is a great way to sway indecisive company representatives into giving your brand a shot and becoming your lead in the process. The platform is also equipped with options such as webinars, how-to tutorials for B2B engagement as well as ongoing support for converted leads once you acquire them.


As the name suggests, Proof is a platform which can help you integrate social proof into your website, blog or eCommerce store (among other options). Social proof is one of the strongest incentives for potential leads to convert into recurring contacts which means that you can use this fact to your advantage.
B2B prospects will gladly go over any social proof, numeric data or statistics you have on hand when it comes to swaying their decision to become your lead. Proof also allows you to build your brand’s credibility by showcasing the number of visits, B2B leads, sales numbers and other collected data from across your website.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In terms of B2B networking, LinkedIn is one of the most prominent platforms on the web. Their Sales Navigator tool is built specifically with B2B lead generation in mind. The tool will actively recommend companies and individuals for you to reach out to depending on your information and browsing habits.
You can monitor incoming traffic to your company profiles, keep track of who networks with whom, as well as export lead information into CRM software for further outreach. Being part of LinkedIn, Sales Navigator also boasts extensive lead generation functionality in itself, allowing you to communicate with B2B prospects, share company content and create brand awareness for global reach and exposure.


Lastly, B2B prospects will often want to reach out to your representatives for further information before converting into leads. Calendly is a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool which will allow you to schedule online meetings, calls, and other public activities.
All you have to do is provide your potential leads with a link to your Calendly profile where they will immediately be able to see your openings. This way, you will streamline the conversion process and allow your B2B prospects to choose their own meeting time (per your limitations). Best of all, Calendly is a very intuitive and minimalistic in design, which will ensure that you leave a good first impression for subsequent B2B lead generation.

In Summary

Digital marketing tools for B2B lead generation are only as effective as your representatives are at utilizing them. However, these sophisticated platforms are equipped with outreach, automation and other quality of life features for lead generation. Make sure to combine their capabilities with professional marketing tools in order in order to grow your industry influence over time.

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