The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce – Technical Challenges In B2B eCommerce With Aaron Sheehan
The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce – Technical Challenges In B2B eCommerce With Aaron Sheehan
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We are back with another episode of The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce. In episode 3, hosts Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson are joined By Aaron Sheehan of Weidennhammer. Weidenhammer is nationally recognized as a digital transformation consulting firm, providing expertise and solutions in business consulting, information technology, and creative services for over 40 years.

In Episode three, Co-hosts, Isaiah Bollinger, and Timothy Peterson of Trellis speak with Aaron Sheehan from Weidenhammer. We discuss the technical challenges we face with certain project budgets in B2B eCommerce and why it can be so difficult to get non-technical organizations over the eCommerce hump. Aaron has been in the eCommerce ecosystem advising merchants and architecting solutions since 2015. He’s launched BigCommerce and Magento stores, performed multiple systems integrations, and managed teams around the world to deliver results for his clients. He is a Magento Certified Solutions Specialist (M1 & M2) and has completed several BigCommerce certifications.

Episode 2 discussed the B2B eCommerce landscape when it comes to integrations technology and what it has done to help companies be more successful by using integration technology. This week’s episode dives into the nitty-gritty of B2B implementation strategies.

Episode 3- Technical Challenges In B2B eCommerce With Aaron Sheehan

In this episode, co-hosts Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, and Timothy Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer of SportsBiz, welcome Aaron Sheehan of Weidennhammer. to discuss:

  • B2B vs B2C Process Comparison
  • How your budget affects scope
  • What B2B can learn from B2C
  • Avoiding failure in B2B eCommerce
  • Biggest B2B challenge from an agency perspective

Aaron also talks about how B2B is lagging behind when compared to B2C in terms of technology adoption and is not as well-rounded as their counterpart, B2C. B2B has more operational complexity and less internal sophistication. As the episode continues, Timothy chips in and talks about how many B2C companies underwent a disintermediation process, where they go directly to the consumer. On the other hand, B2B didn’t necessarily execute the process.


Why we started this podcast

Podcasts are still a relatively new medium for content, but just because they are new doesn’t mean they lack power. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Podcasts have a unique ability to reach people on their time, whenever it is convenient for them – a way that previously did not majorly exist. Podcaster listeners can take the information wherever they go and absorb it as they see fit. And that’s exactly what we are looking to do here. We want to reach a new audience of B2B eCommerce enthusiasts.

This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty-gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce!

We noticed that a few B2C podcasts exist on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, but nothing designed for the B2B eCommerce community. B2B and B2C eCommerce have a lot of overlap, but even more differences. Each has a different set of requirements and customer demands that impact project scope. Let’s call a spade a spade. B2B is harder, more complicated, and harder to market. But it is also a bigger piece of the pie. The eCommerce B2B roadmap to success is not as cut and dry as B2C and that’s why we have started this podcast.

B2C platforms like Magento and Shopify have large communities that support and have done the entre-level work of most projects. The same community does not exist for B2B, but we are starting to build it. The ecosystem may not be as mature, but as experts in the space, we hope this podcast will help some people wake up and reevaluate their online sales strategy.

The first podcast examines major trends around B2B eCommerce as well as answering all of the above questions.  Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think!

We will be posting new episodes with special guests weekly. You can listen on our dedicated podcast website and download the podcast on all major channels: Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, StitcherTuneInOvercastPocket CastCastroCastboxPodchaserPodcast AddictDeezerListen Notes, and RSS Feed.




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