The Top B2B eCommerce Companies in The US

Isaiah Bollinger

Isaiah Bollinger

Most people have heard about the massive scale of eCommerce and see the dominance of companies like Wayfair, Amazon, and other major B2C eCommerce retailers. However, most people do not know that the B2B eCommerce market is far bigger than the B2C eCommerce market with most of the top B2B eCommerce companies selling more than the top B2C eCommerce companies. In fact the number 20 B2B eCommerce company in the US would be the number 5 B2C eCommerce company in terms of online revenue.
US B2B eCommerce is estimated to be a 780 billion dollar market compared to the 350 billion dollar B2C market. It is also expected to grow to a 1 trillion dollar market by 2020.
Thanks to the amazing work by Internet Retailer, here are the top 20 US companies that make up over 300 of the 780 billion dollar B2B eCommerce Market:

1) ExxonMobil Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 43.45 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 39.86 billion
Growth Rate: 9%
Exxon Mobil Corp is one of the largest companies in the world, and for a while was the largest company by market cap until Google, Apple, and Microsoft overtook it as the top three. ExxonMobile has a very strong B2B online presence allowing distributors and businesses to purchase their products online via their B2B portal.

2) Chevron Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 22.33 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 20.48 billion
Growth Rate: 9%
Chevron Corp, one of the other largest oil companies in the world also has a strong B2B eCommerce portal in which they can do EDI and many other types of B2B transactions electronically. This allows them to do a large percentage of B2B sales online improving their operations and customer experience.

3) Apple Inc

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 21.93 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 18.28 billion
Growth Rate: 20%
Apple is a pretty amazing company when it comes to their eCommerce capabilities in that they are both a top B2C and B2B eCommerce website in the world. That is a pretty special thing considering most of the companies on the list are not in the top B2C list. Apple has truly proven it can flex its technology muscles beyond the device space and leverage its eCommerce website to sell to both consumers and businesses in high volume.

4) General Motors Co

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 18.1 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 15.59 billion
Growth Rate: 16%
General Motors has done an impressive job growing its B2B eCommerce presence despite its troubles competing with foreign car manufacturers. They seem to be improving in many areas and their B2B eCommerce capabilities allow them to focus their attention on product development and less on customer inquiries because businesses can simply buy online programatically.

5) Phillipps 66

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 17.61 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 16.16 billion
Growth Rate: 9%
Phillipps is another major oil company that has leveraged B2B eCommerce to more efficiently get its products into the hands of its business consumers. Phillips B2B eCommerce growth rate isn’t quite as high as many of the other top 20 companies on the list but is still growing at a fairly substantial rate.

6) Ford

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 16.71 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 14.4 billion
Growth Rate: 16%
Ford, another major car manufacturing in the United States does a significant amount of online revenue as well. Selling parts and other types of products that don’t require human interaction online. Ford uses Magento Enterprise for their accessories website and uses other B2B eCommerce technology to power some of their other initiatives as well.

7) GE

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 16.64 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 14.86 billion
Growth Rate: 12%
General Electric is a staple of the technology world and has a massive array of products that businesses use for many different purposes. GE leverages business to business eCommerce to better serve its business customers more efficiently through EDI and other eCommerce technologies.

8) Valero Energy Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 14.26 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 13.08 billion
Growth Rate: 9%
Valero is another energy company that leverages B2B eCommerce to distribute its products. Valero has an eCommerce portal for convenience store owners to purchase vendor approved goods so that they can more easily and readily access the products they need 24/7.

9) Dell Inc

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 14.00 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 13.00 billion
Growth Rate: 7.7%
Dell has been a strong eCommerce company for over a decade now selling computers to both consumers and businesses in high volume. Dell has a new custom eCommerce site that allows them to be nimble in improving the site for businesses to purchase their products and services.

10) US Foods Inc

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 13.8 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 10.5 billion
Growth Rate: 31.4%
US Foods is one of the fastest growing companies in the B2B eCommerce space growing at over 30% in 2015 to far eclipse the 10 billion mark. US Foods has a new eCommerce website and mobile apps so their reps can order for their customers on the road and improve the ordering operations of their business.

11) Hewlett-Packard Co

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 13.37 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 11.145 billion
Growth Rate: 20%
Hewlett-Packard has had to cut a considerable amount of jobs since its peak several years ago. They are looking to find their way in the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem that is becoming dominated by companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook which offer more innovative products and services. HP is however growing steadily in the B2B eCommerce space and is now doing over 10% of overall revenue to businesses online.

12) Nike

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 13.2 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 11.0 billion
Growth Rate: 20%
Nike is an interesting company in that they are one of the strongest B2C and B2B eCommerce websites in the US but are not known for their technology. Nike has robust eCommerce capabilities on both the B2C and B2B fronts and continues to grow its operations in both areas significantly every year.

13) IBM Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 11.135 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 9.279 billion
Growth Rate: 20%
IBM sells a large range of technology solutions and continues to evolve as a company decade after decade in order to stay competitive. They have leveraged commerce to sell a larger range of software and consulting solutions online in order to ensure customers can easily access their large range of solutions readily.

14) Marathon Petroleum Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 10.67 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 9.79 billion
Growth Rate: 9%
Marathon, another energy company on the top 20 uses B2B eCommerce solutions to services its vast array of business customers. Marathon leverages a B2B eCommerce portal and mobile technology to improve sales and ordering operations online.

15) Microsoft Corp

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 10.41 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.68 billion
Growth Rate: 20%
Microsoft is one of the most well known technology companies in the world and has changed the world in many ways with technologies like Windows and Microsoft office. It has a new initiative in which it leverages a B2B eCommerce portal to give African businesses access to its large array of offerings.

16) The Boeing Co.

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 10.165 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 9.08 billion
Growth Rate: 12%
The Boeing company leverages B2B eCommerce to sell its large range of parts to businesses. Its B2B eCommerce website is fairly old but still services a large number of businesses and customers.

17) Archer Daniel Midlands Co

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 9.09 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.12 billion
Growth Rate: 12%
Archer Daniel Midlands is an ingredient manufacturing company that sells a large range of products to businesses around the world. They leverage a supplier document management system to process online transactions with many businesses around the world.

18) Proctor & Gamble Co.

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.97 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.30 billion
Growth Rate: 8%
Proctor & Gamble is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and has an incredible supply chain to service its customers. Its supplier website supplies a large amount of businesses around the world so they can purchase without having to go through a rep.

19) Johnson & Johnson

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.55 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 7.43 billion
Growth Rate: 15%
Johnson & Johnson is a massive manufacturer that owns house hold brands such as Band Aid and Tylenol.  They use a series of electronic procurement networks and technologies to foster their B2B transactions. Johnson & Johnson continues to steadily grow its online eCommerce presence with businesses at a steady pace with a collection of different B2B eCommerce tools.

20) 3M Co.

2015 B2B eCommerce Sales: 8.5 billion
2014 B2B eCommerce Sales: 7.5 billion
Growth Rate: 13.3%
3M is a manufacturer with a large amount of SKUs they offer to many different types of businesses. They have products like post it notes and many other type of office supplies and other types of products businesses use. 3M has a legacy business to business eCommerce portal that does however do a large volume of online orders.

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