Trellis CRO Featured as Keynote at DIG SOUTH Tech Conference
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DIG SOUTH Tech Conference is the South’s essential tech, business & marketing conference. Created by the team at DIG SOUTH Media, the Conference curates 150 executive-level speakers from leading global brands, fast-growth startups and the media plus top investors. DIG SOUTH connects mid-market companies and leading global brands to the South’s most scalable startups – and our Chief Revenue Officer, Jared Shaner, was invited to discuss some of the most pressing topics around eCommerce, digital consulting, technological innovation and the intersection between them all at their 2022 conference.

Jared joined executives, founders, investors, business leaders, developers and innovative experts convene in Charleston, SC to talk tech innovation, business growth, digital marketing and what’s next. Here are some highlights from his panel discussion!

Importance of Data

  • Data feeds into company culture
  • Personal analytics and implications unto the organization
  • End User experience and digitizing the process

Reverse-Engineer your Success Story

  • Converse with your vendors, merchants, fulfillment centers, and all applicable parties to ensure all goals are understood and the project plan accounts for all valuable KPI metrics
  • Tailoring the new digital journey to mitigate friction across all pain points

How to View Projects

  • Asset to your human capital – your people are your most important piece
  • Increase impact, efficiencies – remove boring, repetitive tasks to maximize bandwidth for more innovative ideas and projects
  • Leverage technology to free up other valuable assets

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