Trellis Launches To Support The Boston eCommerce Community
Trellis Launches To Support The Boston eCommerce Community
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Trellis is working alongside GrowthSpark and Rejoiner to help bring more traction to our new Boston eCommerce Meetup. Part of this effort is to launch a new website,, which is meant to help facilitate awareness about our eCommerce meetups, as well as help improve the eCommerce community of Boston.
As of right now the website is simply one page with information about the two eCommerce meetups we run, the Boston eCommerce Meetup, and the New England Magento Meetup. We are looking to grow the website over time to have a blog, information on jobs and news about eCommerce companies in Boston and anything else that will help the Boston eCommerce community.
If you would like to contribute content, design, web development, organize events or any other efforts for the Boston eCommerce website please reach out to us via email at

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