Use Rich Snippets To Increase Conversion Rate

Tara Cascella

Tara Cascella

Rich snippets are key to increasing conversions by channeling more quality traffic to your website or store. In fact, many businesses have seen a 20-30% rise in click-through rates when using rich snippets, according to Moz. Last week, we discussed that Rich Snippets are Structured Data (schema microdata) that populate on search engine results pages (SERP). We also dove into SEO best practices when it comes to implementing said snippets.

1. What are Rich Snippets?

Google created Structured Data, which is a concise answer to their search query (SERP) that displays relative content when a user searches. Schema markup uses microdata to help search engine crawlers recognize different components of content in your website, in order to provide detailed and rich results. In short, you can add rich snippets to your website to help search engines “see” what your web-pages and products are about. There are a number of ways in which your content can be enriched to make it stand out from other results shown on the page, see  Rich Snippets and SEO best practices to find out more!

Below is an example of a Rich Snippet card when searching for the term ‘pizza stone’.

When the user clicks on the first card, Rich Snippets populate more ‘rich’ results about that product and business.

2.  Improve Your Click-Through Rates.

An effective way of improving click-through rates is implementing Rich Snippets. These `snippets` refer to additional information which enhances a search result, telling you more about the website’s content, which provides the user with a quick answer about their search that does not require them to click through to any pages. Google Search Console does include a link to the webpage which increases click-through rate. Valid Structured Data markup leads to more visibility in SERPs that will ultimately generate an increase in your website’s click-through rates. This works not only for Google, but also for Bing, Firefox and Yahoo.

3.  Increase Conversions

Any store looking to increase sales by driving traffic from organic search should have Rich Snippets implemented. But, why should you care about adding another technology to your website? Using Rich Snippets helps people identify the information they’re after with ease. The SERP results from webpages that have great markup of structured data are more likely to get rich snippet results. This leads to higher click-thru rates, and ultimately, more conversions.

Structured data provides eCommerce sites with a huge advantage when it comes to increasing their  CTR (click-through rates) because rich snippets are displayed more meaningful and visually appealing than generic search results.

4. The Takeaway

Without Structured Data,  your webpages show up on a SERP with three main objects: a site title, the URL, and whatever meta description you’ve added to the page.

With Rich Snippets implemented that search content becomes richer.

The search engines show more information about the result being displayed – whether it’s a review,  business, products, recipes, person or blog. This can increase your business’ click-throughs from SERP. Rich snippets also can help to reduce bounce rates, while increasing conversion rates. The increased information on the SERP leads to a better understanding of what searchers are going to get when they click through to your website. So, if you haven’t yet begun to implement Rich Snippets for your online store, now is the time to start!

Adding structured data to your website can be quite intimidating. But Trellis can help get your business started with structured data and get those rich results! Contact our marketing department for more info.

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