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After about a year of redesigning and development, we finally launched our new headless website. Why did we develop a headless website?

For one, we strongly believe this is the future and it helped us future proof our infrastructure so we wouldn’t have to build a new site for a long time. We also had an older website that needed a rebuild.

Secondly, we now have limitless frontend flexibility and don’t have to worry about templating in a CMS platform. We also can tie into other backend systems, and plan to integrate Magento for eCommerce functionality over time.

Lastly, we have a faster site that we can continue to optimize for site speed and mobile optimization better than before. We can also develop faster and use modern PWA component architecture forward so that we can quickly add components and reuse components to build new things.

How Long Does It Take To Go headless?

It shouldn’t necessarily take a year. In our case, the reality is clients took precedent and we could only afford to go so fast on it at certain times. I still think headless isn’t quite as fast to build yet as a normal site in that you have a bit more to take into account but it should be something that you can accomplish in roughly six months or less depending on how complex the website is.

Why Go Headless?

  • Future Proof Your Technical Infrastructure
  • Flexibility
  • Site Speed
  • Integrate With Limitless Backend Systems And Maintain One Unified Experience
  • Faster Future Development

If you want to build a scalable future proof website, you need to go headless. I would say it’s still fairly early in the adoption curve but that’s why the time is now. If you wait too long your competitors will get ahead and be way ahead of you with headless technology to improve and scale their website.

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