Why WordPress Is Superior To All Other CMS Platforms For SEO

Isaiah Bollinger

Isaiah Bollinger

WordPress is taking over the Internet and powering more sites than ever before, including eCommerce sites too! Now there are many arguments to use more enterprise based systems like Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, etc, but I think more and more businesses will start to realize they can get what they need out of WordPress and spend less than enterprise alternatives.
Here are some reasons to use WordPress, especially for SEO.

Ease of Use:

WordPress is incredibly easy to use and learn. The editor is easy, creating new pages is easy, creating new blog posts is easy, editing content is easy. Everything in WordPress is easy to learn compared to most other CMS platforms.
Why is this important for SEO? Well content is clearly the number one cornerstone of good SEO, and thus creating content easily via WordPress is far more efficient than another cumbersome platform.

Built in Blogging:

WordPress is the king of blogging and by far the easiest platform to crank out blogs on. You can easily write posts in the WysiWyg and add media, links and other assets as you need to. It also has categories and tags built in so you can organize your posts easily.
The other nice thing is it has drafts, pending, and the ability to schedule posts. You can easily create categories and tags to organize your posts. You can also add different types of users like authors, editors, and more to allow for different types of content creators to help with your blogging.
wordpress posts


WordPress has great media capabilities. Its easy to drag and drop many images in at once and assign them to posts or pages. I have yet to use another platform that makes it that easy to add images or media to a page or post. You can also edit images in WordPress and assign them to different statuses like left or right in the Wysiwyg.
wordpress media

SEO Plugins like Yoast

SEO is a frustratingly tedious tasks that takes a lot of time and effort. WordPress plugins like Yoast make it much easier by guiding you through the process and showing you character counts for Meta Descriptions, Page titles, and other useful add ons. WordPress has by far the best SEO plugins of any platform because of its incredible ubiquitous.
yoast seo plugin


WordPress makes its easy to submit sitemaps and there are many plugins like Yoast that help you create easy to use sitemaps that can be submitted to Google and other search engines.

Automatic Redirects

WordPress creates automatic redirects if you change a page title. Therefore if you decide to change titles of posts and other content you never have to worry about managing redirects of those pages, its all done for you.


The Wysiwyg is easy to use for writing in depth content and using Microsoft word like functionality for non developers. Non technical users can easily write content with WordPress and not have to worry about learning css.


Shortcodes are small easy to understands snippets of code that you can insert into the Wysiwyg to create certain functionality. There are great WordPress plugins like Shortcodes Ultimate that offer many easy to use features you can insert right into the Wysiwyg.
shortcodes ultimate

Custom Post Types & Page Templates

You can leverage WordPress to create many custom post types and page templates to better organize your content. For instance you could create press, jobs, events, locations, and many other content types to be separated from blogs and your other pages.

Custom Taxonomies

You can also create custom taxonomies to allow for easy tagging of different data types beyond the normal use of tags and categories. So for instance if you want to have different tags and categories for a new content type, you could create a custom taxonomy for that data type such as jobs or something different.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin that can allow you to add easy to use fields to any content type on your WordPress site. You can use it to build easy to use templates that can leverage simple data such as text fields, check boxes, add image buttons, so that a non technical user can easily add content to a template without worrying about the styling.
advanced custom fields


WordPress is incredibly scalable and can handle huge amounts of traffic. There are many sites on WordPress handling millions of visitors per month. We leveraged WordPress to build the new version of winemag.com which resulted in a massive increase in traffic.


WordPress can be used to have multisite so you can easily create multiple sites from one admin panel. This can be a great tool if you are trying to create a large amount of different sites but want an easy way to manage them all.

PWA capabilities

Progressive Web Applications are the future of the web, and most major tech companies are already heavily using them. PWA capabilities are becoming more common for web projects and it is now possible to use WordPress as a backend to power your content and have a PWA like React or Angular power your frontend website. WordPress has improved its API capabilities so you can use it to create a powerful PWA experience like never before.
For a quick cost analysis to build a WordPress website, try this website cost calculator.

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