WordPress Integration For Bigcommerce: Unlocking The Power

Jared Shaner

As part of Bigcommerce’s efforts to further build out their platform with a focus on an API driven Commerce-As-A-Service offering, Bigcommerce has launched an easy to use WordPress connecting to allow brands to seamlessly deliver commerce experiences through custom and commercial content management systems while centrally managing catalog, customer and order data through BigCommerce.
Bigcommerce wordpress integration
Why This Is Such A Game Changer
In the opinion of Jimmy Duvall, Chief Product Officer for BigCommerce.

“WordPress powers the web presence of millions of businesses around the world, allowing them to bring their brands and content to life. Our WordPress integration enables retailers to combine the world’s most popular content management system with the world’s best cloud commerce platform”

Often times content driven merchants and brands complain to the Trellis team about the frontend content management limitations of many of the leading platforms we build on at the core of our solutions, leading our team to suggest expensive custom integrations that combine CMS platforms like WordPress into their respective ecommerce platforms but these costs are often unforeseen as the gaps in CMS power of many ecommerce platforms is largely unknown.  However, the prebuilt BigCommerce WordPress integration now available allows content driven brands and their agencies to manage the commerce functionality of Bigcommerce within their existing WordPress platform utilizing a single plug-in, great decreasing the time and effort requires to drive incremental growth in performance and store management through improved conversions derived from a content-driven merchandising approach to eCommerce sales.
Why Retailers Are Excited…

  • Seamlessly Connected Content-Driven Commerce Experience: BigCommerce for WordPress gives merchants access to the industry-leading eCommerce capabilities necessary to grow an online business at scale without compromising site content or user experiences.
  • Industry-leading eCommerce Scalability. By transferring the commerce elements from the WordPress admin to BigCommerce, merchants can enjoy a more efficient experience that is not impeded by back-end bloat and can quickly scale eCommerce functionality as the need arises where the options available through WooCommerce would typically fall short.
  • Out-of-the-box Commerce Functionality: WordPress developers can quickly integrate end-to-end commerce capabilities to an existing site experience using BigCommerce’s large robust ecosystem of apps and sizable catalog of fully-integrated payment and shipping methods to build an eCommerce offering that tailored to their business needs.
  • Enhanced Security For eCommerce vs. Woo: BigCommerce guarantees a secure, PCI compliant checkout, enabling merchants to deliver a superior website experience without the added concern of managing and maintaining PCI compliance.

Why Developers Like Trellis Are Excited…

  • Made the WordPress Way: From the beginning, we set out to build our integration the WordPress Way: deliver value to the community, build it with WordPress experts, make something developers can make their own. We know what matters to the community, and our integration reflects the WordPress culture of empowerment, inclusion, and individuality.
  • Made to make your own: No iFrames necessary — get full catalog data access within WordPress so you can do what you want. The BigCommerce integration allows you to port over a copy of the product catalog with a robust commerce feature set. Simply hook into our plugin to build whatever you need for your storefront experience.
  • Unrestricted access to key plugin files: Have a highly customized theme and site? We’ve got you covered. Our plugin supports WordPress’ standard method of overriding template files so you can modify out-of-the-box designs. Customize your product cards, lists, and cart without risking plugin updates that will undo your changes.


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