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A side-by-side comparison of desktop and mobile views of a volleyball gear website, focusing on a female model promoting 'Nationals Bound' with a T-shirt for a volleyball tournament.
A collection of tablet screen displays featuring a variety of volleyball gear advertisements from brands like Mizuno and Nike, showcasing shoes, backpacks, and an overview of women's volleyball gear.
A webpage from a volleyball equipment store showcasing a Mizuno shoe ad, custom jerseys, and a menu bar including categories like Teams & Clubs, Women, Men, Shoes, and Accessories.
Multiple mobile screen displays of a volleyball sports gear website featuring items like custom jerseys, an Under Armour backpack, a 'Team Ordering Made Simple' banner, and action shots of volleyball players.


Custom Features and Integration

Trellis delivered a tailored Shopify site that seamlessly integrated with Cin7 Core, All Volleyball’s chosen ERP system. This integration was crucial for streamlining operations and enhancing the user experience, particularly for customized uniform orders.

One of the standout custom features developed by Trellis was the steps-based jersey decorator on the Product Detail Page, which allows players and teams to personalize their jerseys effortlessly. This integration not only catered to the specific needs of All Volleyball’s clientele but also positioned the website as a leader in customizable sports apparel online.

Strategic Use of Third-Party Technologies

To further enhance the site’s functionality, Trellis utilized several third-party technologies. Discount Ninja was implemented to manage a forever pricing program, offering tiered discounts to members based on program qualifications. Additionally, for products such as Adidas, which require a minimum order quantity (MOQ), Trellis developed a custom solution that enables fees to be passed on to the end user when MOQs are not met, a feature that was not previously automated.

Challenges Overcome

The biggest challenges faced included the integration of the decorator tool, custom fee features, and the implementation of Discount Ninja. Managing the client’s expectations regarding the scope and timeline of these feature developments was crucial. Despite these challenges, the final deliverable—a fully integrated Shopify site—met and exceeded the client’s goals, with All Volleyball confirming their satisfaction with the results. They have since engaged Trellis for further enhancements and have committed to a long-term partnership to refine their marketing strategies and drive traffic to the new site.

Looking Ahead

This collaboration between All Volleyball and Trellis has set a new standard in the sports retail sector, demonstrating how strategic platform choice, expert integration, and customized solutions can transform an online presence and significantly improve both operational efficiency and customer engagement.

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An online sports apparel store collage featuring various items such as Under Armour volleyball shoes on sale, a blonde woman in a Mizuno warm-up jacket, Adidas volleyball knee pads, and a casual grey hoodie with volleyball-themed designs
Screenshots of different sections of a volleyball gear website on desktop and mobile views, highlighting products like jerseys, women's volleyball gear, and features such as 'Get Court Ready' and discount offers.

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