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A compilation of screenshots from the Designs by JuJu website showing various product offerings, promotional deals, and tutorial sections."
A collage of various embroidered and quilted designs including home decor banners, seasonal towels, and a promotional graphic for a spring sale
Multiple screenshots of the Designs by JuJu website showcasing different sections like gift collections, featured products, and promotional sales.
Screenshots of the Designs by JuJu mobile website interface displaying sale promotions, featured embroidery products, and a navigation menu.


Site Redesign and Advanced Customization

Trellis successfully carried out a complete redesign of the website for Designs by JuJu making it easier for users to find products. The redesign included custom elements such as menus, headers, footers, and promotional callouts, for improved site’s navigation and visual appeal. By focusing on a clear organization of content and improved the visual hierarchy, the Trellis team revamped menu system and developed dynamic product detail pages. For better content management we added accordion elements and ensured the site’s vibrant colors enhanced the user experience without overwhelming it.

Technological Enhancements and Integrations

Technologically, Trellis enhanced the platform to the secure and robust Magento 2.4.6, hosted on-premises for better control. With the addition of third-party applications such as Aheadworks to generate gift cards, Amasty to incorporate promo banners, ElasticSuite to improve product discovery, we significantly boosted the site’s functionality, offering a richer and more interactive shopping experience for users. The team also implemented Gorgias for unified customer experience and refined custom features such as downloadable files for customers, unique product recommendations, and a wishlist functionality. All these new updates aligned with the new theme while maintaining the brand’s core functionalities.

Looking forward, Trellis plans to continue refining the site, addressing longstanding bugs, and introducing new features to further enhance both the customer and client experience on the platform.

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A series of screenshots on tablet devices highlighting different embroidery and quilting designs available on the Designs by JuJu website.

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