On Time & On Budget

The Trellis Discovery process has been meticulously designed to define a project scope and identify potential risks. This stage is the cornerstone of our collaboration, laying a solid foundation for your project and setting it up for success.

On Time & On Budget
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A Five Step Proven Process


Brand Immersion & Discovery Kickoff

This period begins as we establish our project framework, outline the goals as we understand them, and research your business and current website.

We will schedule a kickoff call with the stakeholders on your team to discuss the project goals, outline any potential roadblocks or project risks, and introduce you to the Trellis team working with you through Discovery.


Functional Requirements Meetings

Once your project goals and risks have been established, we will build the Discovery roadmap and create a list of topics to dive further into defining all the  necessary requirements. 

You will be provided with an engagement guide that covers many of these items, broken down into the various components of your eCommerce business.

We will map out several call dates with you to align your internal stakeholders for each topic in the engagement guide. Filling out these sections beforehand is essential to maximize our limited one-hour meeting time. During these calls, we’ll delve into each topic extensively, leaving no stone unturned.


Solution Diagrams

We will create two sets of solution diagrams: a current state and a future state. The current state will ensure that we have a solid understanding of your eCommerce infrastructure and the various flows of data and customers through your store and systems. The future state will come to life as we near the end of discovery and have concluded most of the discovery roadmap.


Platform Technical Reviews

As we establish requirements through discovery, our internal teams will work with any platform or systems partners to establish all the necessary requirements to achieve the business goals established at the start of discovery.

We will work directly with the platforms and third-party solutions that encompass your project to ensure technical considerations are documented and understood by all teams.


Scope of Work Creation

The last step here is to document everything into a scope of work and provide estimates for each activity needed to accomplish the work. 

You will be provided with the Scope of Work (SOW) as a deliverable for review. We’ll schedule a meeting with you to discuss the Scope of Work and get your feedback. 

With your approval, we’ll move on to the next step, where the delivery team will execute the SOW.

Systems Architecture Experts

We architect the right mix of vendors and integrations that supports your growth for today and the future. This includes but is not limited to the following: Vendor Analysis Integration Experts Architects Solutions Consultants Business Systems Analysts

Systems Architecture Experts

Dedicated Teams

Trellis is comprised of 3 full-service delivery supergroups. Your team stays with you throughout discovery, the project, and post launch indefinitely. The team becomes stronger and more engrained in your business over time! Full access to the perfect mix of: Strategists Project Managers Developers Integration Experts Designers Solutions Consultants Business Systems Analysts

Dedicated Teams

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